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  • - Amy Waterman /
    • Brunswick
      • Bowdoin College Hillel - on line shopping offers pg 70 "In 2005, the Bowdoin College Hillel oranization gave its pride in the college a Hebrew twist" (2005) - George Mitchell Dept of Special Collections and Archives, Bowdoin College Library / Abe Peck & Jean Marcus Peck
    • Brunswick/ Portland
    • Lewiston/ Waterville/ Orono
    • Madawaska
      • Chain Apparel Shops "The Chain Apparel Shops, located in Madawaska were owned by Irving Broder, who also owned several stores in Bangor" - Abe Peck & Jean Marcus Peck /
    • New Haven, CT
    • Raymond, Me
      • Camp Naomi group photo "Camp Naomi for Girls was located in Raymond; its brother camp, Camp Joseph, was on a nearby lake in Harrison. Both camps were operated by the Jewish Welfare Board of Boston. Camp Naomi closed in 1985" - Abe Peck & Jean Marcus Peck /

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