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Documenting Maine Jewry

A community-based history project
providing information on Jewish citizens of Maine
through a state of the art genealogical and historical resource
reflecting the Jewish traditions of memory, remembrance and inter-generational learning

on the web as www.MaineJews.Org

on facebook as Maine Jews group

and on the email at dmj at

DMJ is a virtual project, an oral history project, and a face-to-face host of Gatherings of Maine Jews.

As a on-line repository of photographs, biographies, documents, and organizational records,
we would very much like to include your contributions to this site.

There are two easy ways to share your own knowledge about Maine Jewish communities :
(1) On each page, there is a comments space on the upper left corner of the page
designed to make it quite enjoyable to add any new information or share your reflections,
(2) send us an email if you are willing to record an oral history
(or help someone else record an oral history)

There are also two easy options to share your photographs and documents
with this community history project

(1)scan the material yourself (or at a Kinkos) and email the files
with a description of event and people to us at dmj @
(2)send us a note about what you would like to contribute and we can arrange to get it scanned
and returned to you to keep as part own family heritage.

As a face-to-face host, DMJ periodically convenes Gatherings in and outside State of 50-100 Maine Jews at a time. If you want to know about a forthcoming Gathering in your area, please also send us an email

page updated : Oct 26, 2011