Jewish Community Center - Girl Scouts 1945
thanks to Rita Weisberg for the image
Girl Scouts at Jewish Community Center (Cumberland Ave, Portland) 1945

first row : Florence Dean (first from left); Libby Modes (second from left); Shirley Weiss Cohen (third from left); Sandra Modes Goldman (fourth from left); Margorie Abrahamson (fifth from left) ; Barbara Richman Cooperstein (sixth from left) ; Nancy Cooper (seventh from left) ;

second row : Evelyn Gold (first from left) ; Julie Lyons Abramson (second from left) ; Cynthia Frager (third from left) ; Shirley Lerman , (fourth from left) ; Connie Polansky Jacobson (fifth from left); Rita Schwey Weisberg (sixth from left); Myra Seligman Branz , (fourth from left) ; Helene Wolfson (fifth from left);

third row : Dottie Lerman Weiss (first from left); Ann Grunes (second from left) Ruth Fineberg Baker (third from left); Sylvia Borofsky Glantz (fourth from left) Shirley Goldberg (fifth from left); Sylvia Punsky (sixth from left); Edith Kroot (fifth from right) ; Bernice Boxstein Bratz (fourth from right) ; Goldie Zalcman (third from right) ; Bernice Wesler (second from right) ; Freda Goldblatt(far right).

top row : Miss Burgess (first from left); Janet Weiss (second from left) Ruth Lerman (third from left);

contributors of names : Rita Weisberg / Annabelle Mack

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