Maine Jewish Summer Camps - A to Z
Camp Name Location Years Affiliated with Website
Androscoggin Wayne 1907 - to present \"As we prepare for Androscoggin\'s second century, we remain committed to two key principles that enable each boy to enjoy the summer of his life and develop a sense of his own achievement. First, we make certain each camper is introduced to every activity in our program and receives instruction from an experienced specialist. Learning makes everything more fun. It also makes campers more confident about taking on new challenges now and in the future. Second, we structure our program so that every camper has the opportunity to personalize his schedule. As our campers get older they have more opportunities to specialize in the activities they select. Group leaders and department heads work together to monitor each camper\'s progress, making certain he receives extra attention in the areas he and his parents have requested.
Arcadia North Belgrade Arden & Winslow
Barta Camp Casco 1926 -
Birch Crest Oakland 1926 -1944
Camp Accomac Bridgton 1911 - 1958/59
Camp Arden Oakland 1914 - 1926 affiliated with Arcadia & Winslow / Camp Arden was named after the Forest Arden in Shakepseare's As you Like it.
Camp Arundel Arundel 1955
Camp Belgrade North Belgrade 1937 - 1983
Camp Brunonia Casco 1928-1968 Run by Dave and Anne Mishel
Camp Cedar Casco
Camp Chickawah for Boys Harrison 1920 - 1985 Jeff Grant is the alumni coordinator / now the site of Camp Fernwood Cove for girls
Camp Cobbossee For Boys Winthrop
Camp Fernwood Poland
Camp Joseph Harrison 1950 - 1975 Camp Joseph opened in summer 1956. The impressive facility was acquired from another, well-known, NJ camp which had to close because a camper had been accidentally killed. I was intermittently associated with it until the early \'60s as an employee. The programming, facilities upkeep, and Kashrut were excellent, with a decent focus on trips and \"exploring\".
Camp Kennebec North Belgrade 1907 - 1991
Camp Kennesuncook Chesuncook 1926
Camp Kingswood Bridgton Known through three generations as Camp Kingswood, JCC Maccabi Camp Kingswood is an overnight camp for boys and girls entering grades 3-11. Located on a beautiful lake in southern Maine, JCC Maccabi Camp Kingswood\'s flexible schedule emphasizes opportunities for campers to develop interests and to experiment with new ideas and activities in sports, outdoor life, and the cultural and creative arts in two, 3-1/2, 5-1/2, and seven week sessions. Our community is a safe and caring place where campers grow and develop their Jewish identity and their self-confidence regardless of their denomination, skin color or special needs. We are an active and very special place for discovering your potential, learning about sportsmanship and teamwork, building friendships and having more fun than you \"
Camp Lown Oakland 1945 - 1968 Jewish Community Council of Maine / offered boys and girls summer camp life in a Jewish environment, emphasizing religious and cultural values
Camp Lown
Camp Mendota Lake Pleasant, Casco closed by 1971
Camp Pinecliffe Harrison 1917 - to present
Camp Sunny Crest Lake Androscoggin, Leeds Centere
Camp Tapawingo Sweden 1919 - to present Tapawingo is an intimate camp where girls spend their summer days in an encouraging environment of play, learning, companionship, and fresh air. We believe that three, four or seven weeks away from home are a most important time for a young girl and than most of its counterparts. This is a camp where every camper knows every other camper and counselor. We are a summer family.
Camp Tracy (Harold Alfond Youth Center) Waterville 2011
Camp Trebor Fryeburg
Camp Trudah Otisfield
Camp Vega Fayette 1936 -
Camp Wildwood Bridgton 1916 -
Camp Wingo Waterford 1950s - 1967
Camp Winnebago Fayette
Camp Woodland Springs Bridgton 1921 - 1926
Cedar Crest Camp Oakland 1915 - 1944
Center Day Camp (CDC) Windham 1949 - to present affiliated with Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine
Cobbossee Winthrop/Monmouth 1902 - to present (2012) "Camp Cobbossee is a 4-week overnight summer camp for boys located on Lake Cobbosseecontee in Maine. Part sports camp, part outdoor adventure camp, part traditional sleepaway camp, Camp Cobbossee's unique program, outstanding staff, and spectacular location add up to the very best in Maine summer camps. Basketball, Soccer Lacrosse, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and more. Climbing, Ropes, Zipline, Hiking, Camping. Get ready for an adventure! ...Cobbossee is all about having fun and continuing 110 years of tradition.",
Echo Lake Camp Oakland / Readfield 1920 - 1926
Forest Acres Fryeburg 1924 - affiliated with Indian Acres
Gan Israel Portland 1993 - to present (2012) affiliated with Chabad of Portland
Highland Nature Camps North Sebago 1913 - to present (2012) Highland Nature Camps became Camp Mataponi
Indian Acres Fryeburg 1924 -
Indian Acres Fryeburg 1924 - brother camp to Forest Acres
Jo-Lee North Belgrade 1920 - 1926
Kamp Kohut Oxford 1907 - to present
Kingswood Bridgton 1913 - to present (2012)
Kippewa Monmouth 1957 - to present (2012)
Koda Bridgton 1926
Lakeridge Manor Oakland 1955 - 1971
Lakeridge Manor Camp for Girls Oakland 1959-1971?
Lanark Casco -1967
Manitou Oakland 1947 - to present
Matoaka Smithfield 1951 - to present
Micah Sebago 2001 - to present
Modin Belgrade 1922 - to present Since 1922 and situated in the pristine wilderness of Maine\'s beautiful Belgrade Lakes region, Camp Modin is the oldest Jewish summer camp in Maine - New England. Since 1922, thousands of people have come from around the world to be a part of Camp Modin.\" Rich in Jewish tradition, Camp Modin is a great way to spend a summer deeply rooted in all activities that youth of today enjoy along with recognizing and participating in Jewish cultural activities. / David Wain, producer of Wet Hot American Summer went to Camp Modin
Naomi Raymond 1954 - 1986 originally a girls summer camp that became a co-ed summer camp / Lewis Schneider, Emmy award winning writer/producer of "Everyone Loves Raymond" went to Camp Naomi for ten summers.
Powhatan Oxford 1921 - 1996
Powhatan Camp for Boys Otisfield 1921 - 1996
Ramah Mt Vernon 1948 - 1949 affiliated with the Jewish Theological Seminary
Rapputak Fryeburg
Sasone Bangor
Seeds of Peace Camp Oxford 1993 - to present (2017)
Sky Farm Naples ?-1946
Skylemar Naples 1947 - to present (2012)
Somerset Oakland
Songo Naples
Sunningdale Standish 1940 - 1973
Takajo Naples 1947 - to present (2012)
Tall Timbers Otisfield 1945 - 1969
Tripp Lake Camp Poland 1911 - to present (2012)
Truda Otisfield 1902-1979
Walden Denmark 1916 - present
We-You-Wega (Wekeela) Hartford 1906 - 1981
Wenonah Naples ?
West End House East Parsonfield ?-present
Wigwam Harrison 1912 - to present \"What makes Wigwam so unique is our attention to each and every camper\'s growth as a young man while they discover friendships that will last a lifetime. Bashful or outgoing, athletic or not, every camper becomes part of the ever-growing Wigwam family. We offer a very personalized atmosphere, with but four campers and a counselor in each cabin.\"
Winnebago Fayette 1920 - to present (2017)
Winslow Oakland 1921 - 1935 affiliated with Arcadia & Arden
Woodlands Bridgton -1921

Maine Jewish Summer Camps - by Location
Location Camp Name Years
Camp Lown
Arundel Camp Arundel 1955
Bangor Sasone
Belgrade Modin 1922 - to present
Bridgton Camp Accomac 1911 - 1958/59
Camp Kingswood
Camp Wildwood 1916 -
Camp Woodland Springs 1921 - 1926
Kingswood 1913 - to present (2012)
Koda 1926
Woodlands -1921
Casco Barta Camp 1926 -
Camp Brunonia 1928-1968
Camp Cedar
Lanark -1967
Chesuncook Camp Kennesuncook 1926
Denmark Walden 1916 - present
East Parsonfield West End House ?-present
Fayette Camp Vega 1936 -
Camp Winnebago
Winnebago 1920 - to present (2017)
Fryeburg Camp Trebor
Forest Acres 1924 -
Indian Acres 1924 -
Indian Acres 1924 -
Harrison Camp Chickawah for Boys 1920 - 1985
Camp Joseph 1950 - 1975
Camp Pinecliffe 1917 - to present
Wigwam 1912 - to present
Hartford We-You-Wega (Wekeela) 1906 - 1981
Lake Androscoggin, Leeds Centere Camp Sunny Crest
Lake Pleasant, Casco Camp Mendota closed by 1971
Monmouth Kippewa 1957 - to present (2012)
Mt Vernon Ramah 1948 - 1949
Naples Sky Farm ?-1946
Skylemar 1947 - to present (2012)
Takajo 1947 - to present (2012)
Wenonah ?
North Belgrade Arcadia
Camp Belgrade 1937 - 1983
Camp Kennebec 1907 - 1991
Jo-Lee 1920 - 1926
North Sebago Highland Nature Camps 1913 - to present (2012)
Oakland Birch Crest 1926 -1944
Camp Arden 1914 - 1926
Camp Lown 1945 - 1968
Cedar Crest Camp 1915 - 1944
Lakeridge Manor 1955 - 1971
Lakeridge Manor Camp for Girls 1959-1971?
Manitou 1947 - to present
Winslow 1921 - 1935
Oakland / Readfield Echo Lake Camp 1920 - 1926
Otisfield Camp Trudah
Powhatan Camp for Boys 1921 - 1996
Tall Timbers 1945 - 1969
Truda 1902-1979
Oxford Kamp Kohut 1907 - to present
Powhatan 1921 - 1996
Seeds of Peace Camp 1993 - to present (2017)
Poland Camp Fernwood
Tripp Lake Camp 1911 - to present (2012)
Portland Gan Israel 1993 - to present (2012)
Raymond Naomi 1954 - 1986
Sebago Micah 2001 - to present
Smithfield Matoaka 1951 - to present
Standish Sunningdale 1940 - 1973
Sweden Camp Tapawingo 1919 - to present
Waterford Camp Wingo 1950s - 1967
Waterville Camp Tracy (Harold Alfond Youth Center) 2011
Wayne Androscoggin 1907 - to present
Windham Center Day Camp (CDC) 1949 - to present
Winthrop Camp Cobbossee For Boys
Winthrop/Monmouth Cobbossee 1902 - to present (2012)

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