Mainers From Away and

Mainers Who Moved Away

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This map displays the states and provinces from which Maine Jewish families stayed before migrating to Maine as well as the states and provinces to which Maine-tied Jews have emigrated.
Some Maine Jews can trace their roots in Maine back two or three generations. Others belong to families which have in-migrated in more recent years. In-migration from other states and provinces continues for a variety of economic, social, religious or political reasons or no-reasons at all.
On other hand, som other Maine-tied Jews have out-migrated for economic, social, or religious reasons and no reason at all. Some of the out-migrants stay outside the State or even outside the country for the remainder of their lives. Others wander back to Maine at various points for extended periods or to enjoy the next phase of their lives.
The proponderance of in- and out-migration is similar to that of other New England states and New York. In the northern border regions of Maine, there was also a steady in and out migration with the neighboring Canadian provinces. In fact the Calais Jewish community and the St Stephen Jewish community have moved themselves and their Torahs and records back and forth over the border.
The map listing is based on the information currently in the DMJ database. Please note that only 60% or so of the entries in the database have specific enough local information to be included in this map index. The data does not yet permit a separation between first generation in-migrations (the "From Away" crowd) and first generation out-migration destinations (the "diaspora" crowd).

last updated : May 21, 2012

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