Maine Jewish Businesses - by Location

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So, what is the definition of a Jewish business?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers.
City Business Name Years Known to Operate (Year ended) Sector
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Adelman Brothers
J H Oak Co 1948
Jack Roth 1949
Shalek Bag Co bag manufacturing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Aroostook
Saperias Superior Auto Parts auto
Superior Auto Parts, Inc. 1935-1964 . The business sold auto body parts and automotive merchandise, retail and wholesale. It also cut and installed auto glass.
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Arundel
Advance Auto 1940s - on-going retail auto
Air-Tread Shoe Corp
Backer & Semer Butcher Shop 1940s-1960s kosher meat
Cancellation Shoe Court Street 1950\'s retail shoe store
Clark Shoe Company 1960 shoe manufacturing
Crystal Springs Bottling Company 29 Brickyard Circle 1909 originally bottled soda
Falcon Rule 1950s-1960s
Flock Buick Co 1959 retail auto
Geiger Brothers, Maine advertizing
Goodkowsky Brothers 1911
Goodman Wiper & Paper 120 Mill St. Industrial wiping materials, janitorial supplies, paper products
Isaac Miller & Company Miller Street 1905-1968 Scrap irion, metals, paper, and rags. i.e. Junk Business
Lown Shoes Inc 1944 shoe manufacturing
Maine Shoes Inc 1944 - 1955
Panther Moccasin Railroad St Shoe Manufacturing
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co (Auburn)
Pilgrim Shoe Co. 1926
Pioneer Plastic Hampshire Street closed Sold Plastic laminate (Formica) firsts and remnants
Progressive Bakery 8 South Main St 1955 bakery
Shapiro Bros Shoe Co Inc 1944 - 1955 manufacturers of smart shoes for women
Shapiro Hearing Aids, 220 Court St., Auburn, ME. 410 Main St., Lewiston, ME 04240 1950s-1960s hearing aids
Twin City Tire Co
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Auburn
Auburn or Lewiston
Goldberg’s Bakery @1914-1940
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Auburn or Lewiston
Archie's Army and Navy Store 30
Augusta Pipe and Supply Western Ave. 1938- Wholesale & retail distributor of commercial & residential plumbing, heating, cooling products, pipes, pumps, valves & fittings.
Carpet World
Charlies Motors, Augusta retail automotive
Chernowskys Department Store 1910 - 1994
J Peavy and Brothers (Augusta) 2016
Lipman Marine Products 1970 marine
Lipman Poultry Co 1949 - 1970 chicken
Middlesex Paper Tube Company
Real Estate Corporation 1959-
Retail Periodical Store 1950
State Furniture
Stride Rite Shoe shoe business
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Augusta
A Emple and Co
Adco Medical Supply 2012
Allan Lewis 2012 - to date (2014)
Allen Drug Co. 1949 retail drug store
Allen Fairmount Pharmacy 1949 pharmacy
Allen's Drug retail pharmacy
Allen's East Side men's clothing
Allen-Lewis Men\'s Store 1939-1989
Allstate Equipment Corp 1949
Automatic Music juke boxes and pinball machines
Balloons Overhead
Bangor Beef Co. beef
Bangor Candy candy manufacture
Bangor Drive-In Theatre theater
Bangor Egg Co food
Bangor Five Aces 2012
Bangor Kosher Meat Market 3 Essex St 1955 prime meats and poultry
Bangor Laundry Company and Cleaners Palm St. laundry
Bangor Merchant's Association
Bangor Rye Bread bakery
Bangor Shoe Manufacturing
Bangor Shoe Store 29 Mercantile Sq 1955 shoe
Bangor Window Co 47 Park St Windows and siding
Ben Braveman Tire Shop 1949 retail tire
Benny's 1949
Berson's Luncheonette restaurant
Boise Funeral Home
Bon Win Beverage 1949 beverage
Boston Shoe Store 1955 shoe
Boston Store 1960 clothing
Brass Rail Restaurant 202 Exchange St 1955 restaurant
Burdell's Inc 1949 ladies clothing
C.W.Clare and Company Hammond Street Pipes,tobacco,gifts
Calso Oil
Carroll Cut Rate 1960 retail pharamacy
clothing business on Kenduskeag Bridge, Bangor 1886 clothing
Cortell-Segal Women's Clothing women's clothing
Crown Jewelers 13 Main St 1955 retail jewelry
Crystal Spring Water Corp 27 Columbia St 1949 water bottling
Cutler's Embroidery 2012
Cutler's Women Shop women's clothing
Dabar Beauty Supply cosmetic supplies
Dave Sklar Clothing retail clothing
David Braidy Women\'s Clothing women's clothing
Dennis Beverage Co soft drinks
Dennis Paper Co paper distributing
Dewey Christmas Rug Shop Bangor sale of carpets
Dodge Clothing 1949
Eastern Beauty Supply cosmetic supplies
Eastern Furniture Company furniture
Eastern Furniture, Bangor Gas Co.
Economy Clothing clothing
Economy Meat Market 1949 retail meats
Edward A Viner & Co. Stock and bond broker
Edward I Morris 1949
Ehrenfried's Department Store Bangor 1938
Emple Knitting Mills 564 Wilson Street, Bar Harbor Road Rt. 1A clothing manufacturing
Enterprise Shoe retail shoe
Epstein Real Estate 2012 real estate
Fairmount Hardware hardware
Family Podiatry of Maine medicine
Fred's Hardware hardware
Freese's department store
Friedman Furniture Co 154 Exchange St 1955-1965 retail furntirue
G M Pollack sale of jewelry
Garland Street Market Garland St
Gass Office Supply office supplies
George's Men's Clothes 142 Main St men's clothing
Gopin and Rolnick Equipment Co Inc 1670 Broadway 1964 Farm and Industrial Equipment
Gotlieb & Rolnick Meats and Provisions 149 Hancock St 1933 - 1965 meat market and groceries Wholesale and Retail
Green Point Slaughter House 1949 meat
Greens Novelty Store 1949
Grey Ladies women's clothing
Gross, Minsky & Mogul law firm
Grossman Hardware and Locksmith 1952 - 1981 hardware
H Goodman & Sons 1923 shoe makers
H Tabenken & Co Inc 1955
Haffrenreffer Co
Hammond Motors Hammond Street 1966 automobile sales
Harlow Street Norge 2012 laundromat
Harold's 1949
Harry Gedal\'s Store
Harry's Café 1949 café
Henry Segal men's clothing
Home Radio and Furniture Co 40 Broad St 1955 radios and furniture
Hub Shoe Store retail - shoe
Interstate Home Equipment Co. 1949
J Chason Wholesale & Retail Meats & Groceries kosher meat
J Peavy and Brothers (Bangor) 2016
Jacob and Sam Cohen Store
Janel's Photo Shop photograph services
John Paul Clothing Store clothing
Kagan's Store 1949
Kirstein's Real Estate real estate
Laeger Accounting Firm GB CPA accounting
Lavoot Bakery 1949 bakery
Levine's Store 1949
Lieberman & Rich 1923
Lieberman's Clothing clothing
Liggett-Rexall Pharmacy GB 2012
Louis Saltzman Clothing clothing
Lown & Kagan Shoe co shoe manufacturing
Lufkins 1949
Maine Poultry food
Maine State Congress - Bangor Bangor 2011
Maine Trailer Leasing trailer rental
Manhattan Jewelers jewelry
Meat Market Hancock Street meat and foods
Medwed Footwear Co 1944 - 1949 manufacturing shoes
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 1930 - to date(2014) insurance
Midget Lunch 1910
Mike's Lunch restaurant
Miller Drug 1949 pharamcy
Miller's Restaurant restaurant
Morin Tobacco Co tobacco
Morris Tabenken & Co. 1949
N. J. Cohen and Sons
National Confectionery sugar
NE Publishing Co 1949
New England Pipe & Supply Company 1961-
New Essex Variety Store State St Variety store
New York Syndicate Store
Nyle Corp kiln manufacting
O. Rolnick & Son 1949 auto parts
Olympia Theater theater
Oronoka Restaurant restaurant
Oscar's Restaurant Restaurant
Oscars Lunch restaurant
Paramount Restaurant 1949 restaurant
Park Theater theater
Partnership - Ben Shapero and Paul Shapero
Partnership - Ben Shapero and Paul Shapero
Pels Zipper zipper manufacturing
Penobscot Beef and Provision Company 1925-1965 wholesale meat and foods
Penobscot Motor Express 212 Garland transport
Penobscot Salvage Co 190 Washington 1955 junk
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Union St. 1930 beer distributor and soda mfr.
Peter's Fashion Center GB 2012
Philco Shoe Corp 1949 shoe
Philip's Variety Store GB
Pilgrim Shoe Co. 1997 shoe manufacturing
Pilot & Pilot 1955 law firm
Pinewood Country Club
Priest Drug Store retail pharmacy
Purest (?) Drug 1949 drug store
Rapaport Lincoln-Mercury GB 2012 auto dealership
Revlon 2012
Richardson's Variety variety store
Rubin Brothers 1923
Rudman and Winchell Harlow St law firm
Rudman Beverage Co soft drinks
Salco Variety Store 1949 variety
Sam Stern's Antiques antiques
Sawyer Management Services management services
Silver's Auto Supply GB 2012 auto parts
Sklar's Delicatessen food
Sklars Meat Market retail meat
Sons of Benjamin 1938
Standard Electric electrical supplies
Standard Shoe Company 48 Main "Maines largest shoe company"
Star Beef 1949 beef
State Street cafe State Street 1941 restaurant
Stevens Studios photographic studio
Striar Woolen Mills manufacturing
Striar's Jewelry Store jewelry
Striar's Plumbing plumbing supplies
Sunset Drug retail pharmacy
Superior Paper Products wholesale paper supplies
Tabenken Bros
Tante Ittel Group 0
The Bagel Shop food
The Bell Shop women's clothing
The Dainty Waist clothing
The Karol Shop
The Maine Coat Town
The Outlet (Everybody\'s Store) variety store
The Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co (Bangor) 1930s
The Picture and Gift Co State st Cards and Gifts
The Picture and Gift Shop
The Red Lion restaurant
The Star Store
United Beef Company wholesale meat
Viner Casuals clothing
Viner Music music
Viner Shoe Company 1944 shoe manufacturing
W. Lipsky's Clothing Bangor 1900
Wagman's meat market
White Front Store small grocery store
Windsor Hotel 1949 hotel
Yellow Cab Co taxi service
Zekes New and Used Furniture
___? Barber Co. 1949 barber
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Bangor
Bangor, Old Town, Orono
Byer Mfg. Co Still in operation (2017)
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Bangor, Old Town, Orono
Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor Airways, Inc. transport
Sonnenmeyer Furrier 10 Mount Desert St 1916 clothing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Bar Harbor
A E Greenblatt
Albert G Page Company
Arthur W Gediman
Bargain Shoe Store
Bath Department Store Center St 1950s department stores
Bath Drug Store 1946
Bath Iron Works ship construction
Bath Savings Institution Bath 1933
Bath Variety Drug Store 1947-1950
Boston Clothing Store
Boston Shoe Store Center St 1950s shoe
Cogan Books
Commercial Market originally on Commercial St off Front a meat and grocery store
Congress Shirt Factory Middle St 1950s clothes manufacturing
Congress Sportwear Company Middle St 1950 c a small factory
Dougherty Drug Co 1922 - 1923
Filene's Bath 1979
Gediman Appliance Store
Gediman Bros
Gediman's Appliance Store
Goldsteins Bazaar 1881 - 1883
Greenblatts 1947 -
Harmons Mens Store Front St 1940s clothing
Harold J Rubin (law office) 1936 - 1963 c
Harry Brown Pawnbroker 1902
Jacks Shoe Store 1939-1975 retail shoes
M Singer Dry Goods Store Bath
Markson Bros. Center St 1950s clothiers
Max Kutz 1928 - 1952
Mikels' Furniture Front St 1950s furniture
Mikelskys Music Store music and musical supplies
Modern Shoe 1912 - 1925
Nathan F Petlock Junk, Inc off Leeman Highway at Franklin St junk
Povich’s Men Shop Front Street 1950 - 2011 clothing
S . Mikelsky
S A Isaacson 1884
S J Goldstein 1880 - 1882
Sam's Place (now 2295) South End 1940s Bath’s most famous lobster grill in the South end : NathanCoganBathHistory
Sams Grocery 465 Middle St 1922-1954
Sams Sandwich Bar 1946 - 1947
Sherman Clothier 1951 - 1954
Solovich Clothing Store clothing
Standard Cloak and Dry Goods 1905- 1918
Standard Furniture 1918 - 1931
The Center Street Market 1950s a small grocery
The Cut Price Market 1919 - 1967
The Mademoiselle Shop 1950s
Uptown Theater 1948 theater
Variety Store (Bath) Center at Washington 1940s general store
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Bath
Belfast Mfg Co 1955
Belfast Poultry Company 1957 chicken
Belfast Shoe Factory 19?? - 1950s shoe manufacturing
J Peavy and Brothers (Belfast) 2016
Maplewood Poultry 1955 chickens
Penobscot Poultry Co 1951 - 1985 chickens
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Belfast
Belgrade Shoe Co 1955 shoe manufacturing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Belgrade
Bibeau Fish Market retail - fish
Biddeford Hardware hardware store
Biddeford Tire retreading and retail tire
Biddeford Tire Shop Tire sales and retreading
Butler Stores (Biddeford)
Charlie Green's Shoe Store Main St retail - shoe
Chozick Brothers
Columbia Hotel hotel
Feinberg's retail clothing
Fishman's store
Golden West Corp 0
Jack & Larrys Jewelry jewelry
Maine Linoleum Company
Matson's Ladies Store clothing
Pepperell Manufacturing Mills 1944
Robinson Syndicate 24 Alfred St department store
Rosenbaum ? Door to Door Salesman
Ruben Polakewich 30 Maine Street untill 1952 Groceries
Saco-Lowell Shops 0
Sam Coen Corner Maine and Alfred ? Grocery
Sam’s Place hardware Store
Sandler Produce Alfred St./Main St. 1990,s Fruits, Produce
Shapiro Filling/Service Station 96 Alfred St gas station
Simensky's Jewelry Store jewelry
Simensky's Women's Store women's clothing
Union Oil of Biddeford oil
York Beverage Company Lincoln St soft drinks
Zaitlin Junk Co 542 Elm St Junk
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Biddeford
Biddeford or Saco
Day's Jewelry Store jewelry
N Goodkowsky
Polakewich Bros & Co 69 Main St,
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Biddeford or Saco
A Brown 35 Spring St 1955 junk
O. Rolnick and Sons South Main St Auto wrecking - Used auto parts
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Brewer
Bisbee Motors retail auto
Lincoln/Pacific Industrial Banks
Pacific Industrial Bank Finance and loan
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Brunswick
Rosens Dept Store Main St 1929-2013 2013retail clothing and footwear
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Bucksport
A Levy
A Levy Monroe Street
Unobskey's 1956 department store
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Calais
Camden Herald 1997 newspaper
Once A Tree
Planet Toys (Camden)
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Camden
Abe's Bargain Store Water St 1949 general store
Aroostook Auto Parts 1 South Main ST 1949 "Automotive Supplies - Garage Equipment and Tools" - Jewish Owned Business in Caribou HS Yearbooks 1940s
Daniels Market before 1949 - 1963 food
Daniels' Market 87 Sweden Street 1910 Grocery & meat market
Daniels' Market 87 Sweden Street 1910 Grocery & meat market
Northern Sales and Service company, inc. P.O.Box 668 Auto dealership...Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, GMC Trucks, Honda motorcycles
Sysco Foods
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Caribou
Auto Rest Park Restaurant, cabins and amusements
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Carmel
Carrabassett Valley
Sugarloaf 5092 Sugarloaf Access Rd. 1990s - on-going skiing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Carrabassett Valley
Eastland Woolen Mill Inc 1944 - 1996 1996clothing manufacturing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Corinna
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Cumberland
Dexter Shoe Company shoe manufacture
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Dexter
Dover Foxcroft
Jacob Koritsky Union Square 1955
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Dover Foxcroft
Berman Store 1974 carried clothing and footwear for the entire family as well as millinery. During the 1930's Quoddy project, furniture was added to the inventory
S D Berman Store until the death of her husband
sardine canning factory 1997 fish industry
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Eastport
Fairfield Lumber Co 1955 lumber
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Fairfield
Falmouth Carriage House U S Route One 1970-1988 1988Retail Ethan Allen furniture
Schultz Co upholsters
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Falmouth
Falmouth Foreside
Portland Business Corporation 1963-1973
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Falmouth Foreside
Titcomb Mountain Ski Club
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Farmington
Fort Kent
Etscovitz Garage Main St retail auto
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Fort Kent
Berson's Clothing Shop Franklin 1940
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Franklin
Freeport Shoe Co 1944
L L Bean
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Freeport
Corner Shoe & Clothing Store 218 Water St retail shoes and clothing
First National Equipment Company 164 Water St
Gardiner Shoe Co 1944
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Gardiner
Hotel Harrison
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Harrison
Aroostook County Sheriff
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Houlton
Kesslin Shoe Company
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Kennebunk
Alpert's Antiques Lisbon St. 1970's retail antique shop
Arnold\'s Cut Rate 1950s-1960s
Arthur S. Melcher 81 Lisbon St Boot and shoe making and repair
Barefoot Trader Lisbon St. retail
Barnstone-Osgood Jewelry Store 2011 jewelry
Ben Alpren Co 555 Lincoln St
Berman and Simmons law firm
Bernie's Fashions 41 Lisbon St. Mens clothing
Brann & Isaacson 133 Lisbon t 1955
Brann and Isaacson on - going
Brass Rail 1950s-1960s mens clothing
Edward's Clothing 1950s-1960s mens clothing
Etc. Shop 1950s-1960s gift shop
Family Footwear 1950s-1960s shoes
Gilmour's Paint and Wallpaper Main St. 1950s-1960s paint and wallpaper
Goldbergs Bakery bakery
Gordon's Restaurant & Delicatessen 187 Main Street 27 Restaurant and Delicatessen
Gordon;s Delicatessan Main St Restaurant/Delicatessan
Harry Kominsky's Confectionary Shop 1950s-1960s candy
Highland Mineral Spring Water Lewiston 1892
I D Weiner Parlor Bus 1950s-1960s taxis and buses
I. D. Wiener Store 1935
International House 1950s-1960s gifts/dolls
J Friedman & Co 17 Lisbon ST 1872
Jason's Gift Shop 1950s-1960s giftware
Leonard's Shoe Store 1950s-1960s shoes
Lewiston Hardward & Plumbing Supply Co 71 Lisbon St 1955 hardware
Louie's Clothing and Shoe Store 281 Lisbon Street 1930 Mens clothing and footwear
M. Winner & Co. Holland St Junk Dealer
Maine Stamping Co
Mort Koss Shoes shoes
Mrs. Shiffer's Dress Shop 1950's
New England Waste Process Cos 1944 - 1955
Puritan Clothing Store Lisbon Street 1910 Retail clothing
Restaurant on Main St Lewiston LA 1977
Ritz Theater 1950s-1960s movie theater
Sabelman Plastic Heel Co 1958
Sanitary Market Lisbon 2011 - 2013 Market
Shapiro's Pawn Shop 1950s-1960s pawn shop
Shapiro\'s Real Estate
Skelton, Taintor and Abbott, PA
Skolnick Brothers 1950s-1960s mens and ladies clothing Julius/Kalman Skolnick (brothers)
Style Clothing Company 318 Lisbon Street 1927-1983 \"Ladies Garments, Men\'s Clothing\"
Tarr's Market 1910s - early 1930s grocery
The Blue Store 1886 - 1930
The Mirror 2003
Value House 1950s-1960s dept store hard goods
W.S. Libbey
Ward Bros Lisbon St Women's clothing
Wise Pawn Shop 1950s-1960s pawn shop
Youth Center 1950s-1960s clothing for children
[Britva gift shop] 1950s-1960s gift shop
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lewiston
Lewiston or Auburn
Bates Manufacturing 1944
Boston Shoe Store 2011 shoe
Brownstein's Clothing Store 2011 Mens Clothing and Shoes
Carrol\'s Cut Rrate 2011 retail pharamacy
Cut Price Market 2011 retail food
Day's Jewelry and Appliance Store 2011 jewelry and appliances
Five and Dime 2011 general store
Food Town 2011 retail food
Gordon's Hobby House 2011
Miller/'s 2011
New England Furniture 2011 furniture
Star Millinery 2011
The Sharlane Store 1997
Ward Brothers 2011 retail clothing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lewiston or Auburn
M Brosonstern Lisbon St
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lewiston,
A H Benoits Co
Aaron Berman & Co. 2002
Almost New Shop
American Furniture Co
Auburn Wood Heel Co
B Peck Co
Barker Mill 2003
Benson & Sullivan Co 1955
Bond's Men's Store 1955
Boston Furniture 1955
C.F. Brown & Co. 2003
Central Auction Room 1955
Cotrell's Inc 1955
Ehrenfried's Department Store Lewiston-Auburn 1936
Ernest M Shapiro & Co 1955
Excel Inc 1955
Finance Co -- Norway 1955
First National Tire Co 1955
Fortier's Bakery 1955
Goldburg & Segal 2003
Greenberg Bros. 2002
Harding Auto Sales 1955
Harris M. Isaacson Law Offices (duplicate) LA 1922
Herb's Variety Store 1955
L.E. Brown & Co. 2003
Leonard's Upholstery 1955
Lewiston-Auburn Harward [sic] Company LA 1977
Lown Wood Heel Co 1955
M Alpern 1955
Maine Land Farms 1955
Martha Washington Inn
Max Miller & Co 1955
McDonald Hill co 1955
Mendelson Bros. 2003
Miller & Welch 2003
Mills Advertise 1955
Minnie Halperin 1955
Myer Canter Footwear 87 Lisbon St 1955 - 1970
National Tailor Co 1955
New England home Equipment 1955
New Method Cleaners 1955
North American Co 1955
NY Pawn & Loan Co 1955
Paper Box Factory 1955
Perry's Clothing 1955
Persky's Market 1955
Pick Furriers 1955
Polep Candy Co 1955
Prospect Electric Co 1955
Riverside Market 1955
Rock Maple Wood Heel Co 1955
S. A Isaacson & Co. 2002
Samson Furniture Co 1955
Sanitary Market 1955 Food Store Became the Food Town supermarkets in Lewiston & Auburn & Rumford
Sharlaine Products 1955
Shiffer's Market 1955
Singer Realty co 1955
Stanwood Company 2002
Stein & Co 1955
Stewart Men's Clothings 1955
Structual Steel 1955
Supovitz Brothers 125 Lisbon Street 1914, 1955 Clothing \\\"Cloaks & Ladies Garments\\\" (Maine Register State Yearbook, July 1914)
The Scolnik Co 1955
The Women's Shop 1955
Twin City Beverage 1955
Union Sq Taxi Co 1955
Union Sq Travel 1955
Wilfred Goodman Co 1955
Zallen's Men's Shop 1955
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lewiston-Auburn
Worumbo Mill 1997
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lisbon
Livermore Falls
Livermore Falls Banking & Trust Co. banking
Sharraff Bros. 1898 -
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Livermore Falls
Bay State Cutting Die Co 1955 die cutting
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Lynn
Chain Apparel Shops retail clothing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Madawaska
Mars Hill
H Adelman Department Store department store
Jack Mazer Insurance Mars Hill
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Mars Hill
Bronstein and Cohen River Road US 2 1979 Scrap Metal
Jerrold Cohen DMD 131 Main St Dentist
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Mexico
Karps men's haberdashery
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Milo
New Auburn
Eastland Leather Co
J.J. Shapiro and Bro. 1894-1966
  Add another Maine Jewish business in New Auburn
Norrwock Shoe Company Norridgewock 1944 - 1989
Norwok Shoe Company
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Norridgewock
Business in Norway, ME 1955
Margo's Apparel
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Norway
Norway area
Wilner Wood Products 1950's production wood products
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Norway area
A A Greenberg
A.Lazarovich Real Estate Co real estate
Allstate Home Improvement
Berman & Simmons
By-Rite Home Supply wholesale
Casco Manufacturing 1997
Central Fruit wholesale foods
Central Produce Co 1948
Chapman Clothing clothing
Eastern Industries Inc. 1965
Franklin Variety 1963 general store
Frontier Press
Goodman and Goodman
Log Village
Merchants National Bank banking
Mill End Shops 2011
Mitchell and Stearns
Monarch Machine Co manufacturing shoe-making machines
Morris Boots and Shoes shoes and boots
P I Laundry
Park Clothing Co clothing
Penobscot Auto Parts 1949 retail auto supplies
Presumpscot Mfg.,
  Add another Maine Jewish business in NotKnown
Railway Postal Service
  Add another Maine Jewish business in notknown
S Cohen Fruit & Produce wholesale fruit and produce
Schreiber Furs and Schlosberg Furs retail clothing- furs
Schwann Catalogue
Shoe Corp. of America 2011 shoe manufacturing
Stolker Bros
Taylor Farms 1997
TD Banknorth
The Bresnik Advertising Agency 1955 advertising
The Harvard Bazaar 1997
Wholesale Canning Co canning
Wiener's Parlor Bus Co 1935 bus services
  Add another Maine Jewish business in NotKnown
Aunt Charlotte's 1955 cabins, restaurant, rooms
Blake Hardware 1955 Hardware Building Materials Paints Oils and Lumber
Brown's Photo Shop 54-68 Church St 1955 photo finishing & supplies; cameras & camera supplies
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Oakland
Sea Chambers Motor Lodge lodging
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Ogunquit
Old Orchard Beach
Barefoot Boy Eatery 2005 restaurant
Brown St Hotel hotel
Copley-Lareine Motel hotel
Deluxe Oceanfront Cottages
Fred's Barbecue
Freedman's Kosher Bakery 2005 bakery
Jacks Hot Dog Stand Old Orchard Pier 1966 -1967 Food Concession
Lafayette Hotel hotel
Lees Sportswear Old Orchard Square 1954 - circa 1968 Beach wear/Sportswear
M. Winer & Co 1930's Grocery Store (Summer Season, only)
Mt.Royal Motel 30 West Grand Ave Motel
Palace Playland 1925 entertainment
Shefshick's Kosher Meat Market 2005 retail meats
Waves Motor Inn
Windward Sail Motel
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Old Orchard Beach
Old Town
A J Goldsmith store 1965
A J Men's Clothing 10 N Main St 1907 retail clothing
Ben Sklar Inc (now 4226) 107 Center St 1928
Bernard Goldberg 144 N Main St dry goods store
Cutler Men\'s and Women\'s Furnishings 70 N Main St 1895 clothing
Cutler's North Main Street, clothing store
Cutler's Women's Shop women's clothing
Goldsmith Furniture 228 N Main St 1916 retail furniture
Goldsmith Sporting Goods 1951 sporting goods
H M Goldsmith Women's Clothing 76-78 North Main St 1915 women's clothing
Harry Goldberg Tailor Shop 43 Oak St tailor
Hoos' Market 110 North Main St food
Kinkow Brothers Tailors and Clothiers 152 N Main St tailors and clothing
Louis Sklar men's clothing store 136 N. Main St men's clothing
Moose River Shoe Co. 1944 - 1949 shoe manufacturing
Old Town Hardware Center St, then in 1958 at 220 North Main St 1920 hardware
Old Town Shoe Company 1955 shoe manufacturing
Penobscot Shoe Company 1944 - 1955 shoe manufacturing
Penobscot Trading Post 88 North Main St 1940 general store
Shiro's Old Town Hardware Co 222 North Main St 1958 hardware
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Old Town
Byer Manufacturing Co
Ginsberg Variety Store general store
Orono Meat Market 1949 retail meat
Oronoka Restaurant Restaurant
Silver Sale Stable 1949 fur
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Orono
Huston Clothing Company 1897-1918
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Patten
Strauss Tanning Co 1955 leather
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Peabody
  Add another Maine Jewish business in PITTSFIELD
Port Clyde
Port Clyde Packing Co
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Port Clyde
A B C Cleaners 2000
A.H. Benoit
ABC Electric 142 High St electrical services
Adam Tailor Shop until 1983
Advance Paper 323 Commercial St
American Clothing Company Middle St clothing
Anatek - EP 2013
Arden Shop market
Art Upholstering Co furniture
B & B Cleaners 6 Washington St cleaners
B E Cole Co 1955
B. Levi & Co 439 Fore ST
Barridoff Galleries 2004
Barry Pharmacy
Barry's Department Store Congress St department store
Beacon Oil Co Kensington oil supplies
Berenstein Bros 1889 - 1891 clothing
Bernie's Fashion 492 Congress St retail clothing
Bernie's Meat Market 47 Ocean St sold kosher meats in 1980s, 1990s)
Bernstein & Jacobson Commercial St ship chandlers
Bernstein Bros Clothings and Furnishings 366 and 399 Fore St clothing and furnishings
Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson (BSSN) 1915 - to date (2014) law firm
Blumenthal & Sons Meat Market GP 1972
Blumenthal Kosher Butcher Portland 2015
Blumethal Bros meat market
Boston Fruit Market retail grocery
Boston Kosher Meat Market Middle St, then Stevens Ave Butcher; small grocery
Boston Shoe Store shoe
Brackett Street Cash Market GP 1932
Brem Surrenden Street Plumber
Brighton Pharmacy 1933 pharmacy
Bros Shoe Repairing Co retail shoe
Burrows Corporation
Carlbert Fabrics 476 Fore Street 1940s wholesale and retail fabric store
Carole Joy Bridal SHop Congress Street 11 Bridal Gowns
Carole-Joy Bridal Shop Congress Street 10 years Bridal gowns
Carter's Jewelry jewelry
Casco Bank & Trust Co 1940 - 1968 banking
Casco Bay Lines Custom House Wharf 1955 ferry transport
Casco Bottling Co soft drinks
Century Tire 2015
Century Tire Company
Charley's on the Square 23 Monument Sq 34 Restaurant/Lunch Counter
Charley's on the Square 23 Monument Square Restaurant/Lunch Counter
Chude's Grocery 1933 retail grocery
Cinamon Brothers 2011
Cope and Cope on-going
Coronet Shirtwaist Manufacturing Company Middle St 1906 shirtwast manufacturing
Cox & Greenstein 1934
Cram and Dalton Attorneys
Cronsberg Paint Congress St retail paint
Cross Jewelers 1973
Crystal Barber Shop 671 Congress St barber
Cumberland Club 2015
Cumberland Cold Storage Co 1945 - 1946 food storage
Cutler & Cutler / Cutler Bros 100 Middle St electrical contractors
Dave's Calso Station 1953 gas station
Day's Jewelry Store 489 and 559 Congress St jewelry
Devine & Devine 85 Exchange St law office
Diamon Brothers 34-36 Market St
Dube Travel Agency 1973
E. Cohen & Co 364 Fore St
E. Perry Iron and Scrap metal iron and metal junk
E. Perry Metal and Iron Co., Inc.
Eastland Hotel 1954
Economy Center 247 Congress 5 Family clothing
Eli Klaman Bottle Shop 428 Fore St bottles
Empire and Strand theatres theaters
Enterprise Mattress Co Cross St mattresses
F & L Super Market St. John St 1953 supermarket
F&L Food Mart 1949-1960
Falmouth Hotel hotel
Famous Brand Shoes 12 Forest Ave shoes
Federal Furniture Co 1933 furniture
Feldman Drug Store Munjoy Hill pharacmacy
Fessenden's 1973
Fine Brothers (Hyman & Nathan) 152-154 Commercial St barrels / junk
Finks Brothers (Abraham, Harry & Louis J. Finks) 235 Middle St boots and shoes
First Portland National Bank GP
Fleet Bank
Full Belly Deli Brighton Ave. Deli/sit down/take out/catering
G.M. Pollack and Sons started in 1955
George's restaurant - deli
Gerber Insurance Agency (Maurice H & John) 97 Exchange St insurance
Ginsburg B & Son 127 Middle St
Gleichman & Co 1987
Globe Vacuum Stores retail repairs
Goldberg's Bakery 1934 bakery
Golden School of Beauty Culture Cosmetology
Goldman and Lonstein 434 Fore St junk
Goodman & Sons Marginal Way
Goodwill Industries 1968
Goody Shop
Gordon's Men's Shop Monument Sq
Gordon's Mens Clothing
Gould-Farmer Co. 1933
Grand Trunk Garage 1934 garage
Gray Gull Gift Shop Congress St gift shop
Graymore Hotel hotel
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea retail food
Greenberg Bros 177 Middle St
Guardian Finance Co / Guardian Credit Congress St
Guardian Loan Co, Portland, Me
H J Plumbing Co 5 Washington Ave plumbing
Harris & Sons 120 Middle St "shoe findings"
Havens Candy Kitchen
Health Drug 1953 retail - pharmacy
Helfont Tire Co 173 Kennebec tire
Helfont Used Car and Parts Kennebec St auto industry
Herman A Bag Co 151-153 Commercial St bag
Home Federal Savings & Loan Association 1968 savings and loan
Home Good 2015
Hub Furniture 436-440 Congress St 1923 - to date (2023) furniture
Ida Goffin Dress Shop dress shop
Investors Diversified Services 1953
J E Palmer Co 1933
J W Minott and Co. 1933
Jack Branz Used Cars 315 Forest Ave 1937
Jackson Labs 2015
Jacob Thurman Co. 1997
James Fruit Company wholesale fruit
Jason Company India St.
Jewish Ministers Cantors' Association of New England 1984
Joe Wigon 18 Free St
Johnson Supply plumbing and electrical supply
Johnson Supply/Redlon and Johnson
joy'S ROOT BEER 401 FORE ST. bottled beverage
Kadish Brothers & Co (22 Becket and 148 Middle St) 1933 - 1997
Kerchief Co 148 Middle St 1926
Kiddie Korner/ Youth World
Klamen's 2011
Kuvents Tailor shop tailoring
L & L Manufacturing Co 11 Brown St Women's and Misses' Sports Wear
L Goldberg 1921
L Goldberg Ladies Tailoring & Dressmaking shop Portland 1912
L H Schlosberg Furs & Skins furs and kins
L. Blumenthal Middle Street Butcher
Lait's Paint and Wallpaper Brown St paint and wallpaper retail store
Lamport Beverage beverage
Lamport Oil Co 206 Congress St oil
Lancaster Furniture First on Lancaster st., then Middle street 1944-1974 furniture
Law Office of Joe Bornstein law firm
Levenson, Levenson, and Vickerson on-going
Levinsky Congress St 1919 - 1990 c family clothing and Footwear
Lewis Beaty Shops Inc 97a Exchange St
Lewis Garage 63 Federal St storage
Livingstons Clothing Store clothing
Logan Paint and Decorating Center 1973
Louis Blumenthal Meat Market 82 Middle Street Kosher Meats
Louis Seavy's kosher deli Portland
Louis' Jewelry and Gift Shop jewelry and related products
Louis' Trading Post retail
M Clothing Co 565 Congress, Rm 206 clothing
M Sacknoff & Sons Inc 446 Fore St
M Silver & Sons
M Winer Co 1934
M.A. Sulkowitch Limited
Mack's Hardware and Paint Store 416 Congress St retail hardware
Maine Beauty & Supply Co Middle St cosmetic supplies
Maine Bedding & Furniture Preble St retail furniture
Maine Camera Center cameras
Maine Central Railroad transport
Maine Coal Company Inc 320 Commercial St 1928 coal
Maine Furniture Storage Company 30 Danforth St 1906 storage
Maine Hardware Congress St 1930s - to date (2017) hardware store
Maine Motors co 401 Forest Ave 1955 fine used cars and trucks
Maine Paint Co 148 Middle St paint
Maine Printing co 19 Temple St printing and publishing
Maine Saving Bank
Maine Uphostering Co 36 Union St furniture
Malco Inc
Mann's Furniture furniture
Marcus, Clegg and Mistretta PA GP
Mark Stimson Associates
Markson Brothers 504 Congress 1922 clothing
Maurice A Branz & Co
Maurice The Tailor "Shop" tailoring
Max's Dairy and Delicatessen Store 1934 restaurant - deli
Merdek's Variety Store 260 St Johns St general store
Met Life Insurance Co on-going
Minat Corporation 34 Preble St, home builders
Minkin's Pharmacy Congress Street Pharmacy
Mitchell, Nathan, and Arthur Cope - contractors of Longfellow Woods GP 2000
MK Co 148 Middle St
Model Food 115 Middle St food specialties
Model Market 2011 retail grocery
Morris Clothes Shop 247 Middle St retail clothing
Mountfort Coal Co 100 Middle coal
Myrtle Pharmacy 169 Oxford St pharmacy
N.E. Grain Co 390 Commercial St Animal grain and feed
Nash Dealership 1938
Nelson & Small 68 Union St 1949 -to date(2014) transport
New England Feed Co Commercial St 1930 - 1957
New York Clothing Store 128 Middle St and 459 Fore Street clothing
Oakdale Auto Co 1955
Outlet Stores in St Stephens
P Reuben & Co 252 Bracket St
P. Silverman and Son 476 Fore Street early 1900s originally a wool waste business then fabrics
Palestine Economic Corp 1929
pants factory (Portland)
Park Fruit Store 329 Congress St 1935
Paul's Family Shoe Store 1973
Penny Wise Market 2012
Pine State Beef beef
Pine State Hardware Dist.
Pine State Hardware Dist.
Pine Tree Printing printing
Pinewood Manufacturing Co
Plummer's Insurance Agency 18 Casco ST 1955
Porteous, Mitchell & Braun retail clothing
Portland Appliance Service Center TV and appliance repairs
Portland Candy Co candy
Portland Copper Works 1933
Portland Overall Co. 1933
Portland Press Herald 1862 - to date (2014) newspaper
Portland Savings Bank 1997 banking
Portland Sportswear
Portland Tourist Co, 142 High St
Potters Furniture 24-26 Preble St 50 Furniture
Progressive Printing Co 69 Union St printing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Portland
Racket and Fitness Center on going
  Add another Maine Jewish business in PORTLAND
Regal Kosher Restaurant & Delicatessen 181 Middle Street restaurant - deli
Reliable Furniture retail furniture
Reuben Plumbing co plumbing
Rice's Bakery 1950 bakery
Rines Bros. and Sears. jewelry
Rines Brothers 529 Congress St
Robinson Bros. Clothing
Roger's Portland 2015
Romanow Furniture 39 Forest Ave retail furniture
Rosenberg Bros. Continental Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods House 373 Fore retail clothing
Ross Jewelry and Antiques jewelry
S J Agger Clothing 295 Deer Street 1905 Clothing Store
S Zulofsky Bakery 22 Hampshire St bakery
S.Levi and Co 1890
Sam's Superette Munjoy Hill
Sammy Levy's Store
Sams Market
Samuel Davis Clothing, Furnishing and Jewelry 330 Fore St retail general
Schreiber lawyers
Schwartz & Schwartz 482 Congress St
Seavey's Franklin and Newberry Street, later 2-10 Church Street 1940's - 1970's Grocery Store and Delicatessen
Service Oil Co, Inc 1953 oil
Shatz's Market 2 Grant Street Neighborhood grocery store
Shoe Repairing Co 634 Congress St shoe
Shwartz & Rosenberg 1934
Sid Lerman / Korn Kings
Sneider Sales grocery store
Southworth Machine Co Preble St metal working
Standard Grocery Co. 1997 food
State Hardware 1953 hardware
State Motor Company, ME Forest Avenue car
Stop and Go Drive In variety store
Strand Theater (Portland) 1935 theater
Sukowitch Hardware 2011 hardware
Swearingen Motors Co 295 Forest Ave 1955 Lincoln, Mercury : sales and service
T J Maxx Portland 2015
Tarr's Market Libby Town 1930s to 1963 grocery
The Carvel Company 2013
The Center Workshop 0
the Jacob Thurman Co. 1997
The Jayson Co 13 Exchange St 1947 druggist supplies
The Morocco Lounge
The Movies 2015
The Young Set
Tommys Hardware Congress Street hardware and sporting goods
Town Taxi Co 1953 transport
Triangle Window Company 2013
Uniform Shop
Union Mutual Life insurance Co. insurance
United Clothing Co Middle St clothing
United Hardware & Supply 1941 hardware
Verrill Dana
Victor Talking Machine Co
Village Variety Store Redbank general store
Wadsworth Hotel
Waterman Jewelry Store Portland 1920
Wayside Furniture retail furniture
Weinman Bros. 1934
Wife to David's memberships
William Punsky and Sons Burlap and Cotton Bag Company 2013
Woodford Club 1984
Woodfords Hardware hardware store
Worcester Salt
Young's Furniture Furniture
Z Boxstein & Sons 424 Fore St
Zayres Portland 2015
Zeitman Grocery 2011 retail grocery
Zulofskys Bakery Newbury St
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Portland
Quoddy Moccasins 1947-1980s? offerred Maine styled Indian moccasins to the entire country
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Portland/SoPo
Presque Isle
Ben Marks Co 1930 s -
H.B. Green & Sons 1910-1959
Silver's Garage Inc Houlton Rd 1949 "Desoto- Plymouth Dealer " : Caribou HS Yearbooks 1940s
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Presque Isle
A. Alan Grossman Law
ABCDef Books
antique and marine junk
antique shop (Main St)
Ben Segal Clothes
Benovitch hot dog wagon
Berliawsky Sawmill
Bertha Pollock Store
Bon Ton Shop
Carr's Transportation Service 1987 transport
Carr’s Paint and Wallpaper Store Main St, (in front of Rockland Savings and Loan Bank)
Cut Price Shoe Shop 1987 retail shoes
Dane Credit Co 1987
Dondis furniture store Rockland (where Rustica is currently (2023) located)
Economy Clothes Rockland (where Maine Street Markets is now - 2023)
Ed Miller Law
Fabric Bonanza 1976-2006
Goldsmith’s Sporting Goods-
Gordon Tea St junk yard Tea St
Grasshopper Shop
Green's Confectionery Store sweets
Grossman-Faber Law Firm 1987 lawyers
H H Crie Company 1948-
Havener’s newsstand Rockland (where Fiore is currently (2023) located)
Isadore Gordon-Dry Goods Peddler
J & B Printers’s
Jack Green’s store corner of Pleasant St. and Main St
Jean Chalmers Law
junk yard (Rockland St)
junk yard (Tea St) Tea St
lot between Summer and Talbot
Maine Egg
meat market (Upper Park St)
Meredith’s Furniture 1946 (?) -??
Millers Garage 26 Rankin St, 1929-1931 auto dealership
Miller’s Garage Rankin St (near the Main St rotary)
Narragansett Hotel
Planet Toys
Puffins Nest
Rockland Candy Company 1923 - 1956 (?)
Rockland Poultry Co chickens
Rubenstein’s Antiques
Savitt’s Women’s Clothing Store where Dowling Walsh Gallery is now-2023)
Shafter Junk dealers Rockland St 1906 - ??
Shapiro-Junk Dealer
Small’s Meats Upper Park St 1938-1980
State News
Stonington Furniture corner of Main St where the Farnsworth Musuem store is
Sulka Jewelers east side of Main St 1950s jewelry
Take One Photo and Appliance Store
The Strand Theater (Rockland) 1987 theater
The Wigwam on Park St. Park St
The Woodcraft Shop
Thorndike Hotel corner of Main and Tillson Ave 1997 hotel
United Home Furniture
[Bookstore on Main St]
[David Goldberg-Pants factory] North Main St.
[Fruit and Confectionary Store] 1987 retail food
[Helioff-Lobster Business]
[Morris Gordon and E. Alan Gordon store ]
[Morris Pollock-Grocery Store]
[Poust-Chicken business]
[S. L. Alperin-Junk Business]
[Sadie Marcus furniture store] corner of Main where the Farnsworth Museum store is now (2023) located
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Rockland
Israelson Motor Company Spruce Street 1926 - 1985 Closed Auto sales and repair
Jay's Men Shop Congress St. Retail men's clothing
Nathan's Apparel Store Waldo St. 1926 retail clothing
New England Furniture
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Rumford
Saco Defense
Saco Steel
York Manufacturing Co BS 1944
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Saco
Cole's Dress Shop Main St
drugstore (Schwartz family) Main St sold magazines, over the counter drugs and some food
Glazier Motor Co. 8-10 Rogers Treet 1937 - q1951 Auto dealership and service
Pharmacy (Shalit family)
Saul Shalit's Drug Store 188 Main St prior to 1939 drug store, pharmacy
Shalit's Pharmacy Main St 1930s Pharmacy/ drug store
Universal Shoe Co (Consolidated Shoe) Main St 1944
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Sanford
Dunes Motel motel
Nonesuch Books
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Scarborough
Big Moose Lodge 1931
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Sidney
Eames & Sterns
F.W. Woolworth Co. 1997 department store
Lincoln/Pacific Industrial Banks
Motor Supply Madison Ave Automotive Supply
Russakoff Jewelers Water Street
State Furniture
Sterns Department Store
The Home Center 112 East Leavitt St. furniture and home improvement supplies store
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Skowhegan
South Brewer
Eastern Paper Mill 1944 paper manufacturing
Epstein Clothing Co 1955 retail clothing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in South Brewer
South Portland
Charles Motor Mall Charlie's Subaru automotive
Fairchild Semi-Conductor on-going
New England Shipbuilding Company 1944
S Bernstein & Sons 60 B St real estate
UNUM on-going insurance
  Add another Maine Jewish business in South Portland
South Thomaston
Pollock-General Store
  Add another Maine Jewish business in South Thomaston
to be determined
Sculptotek 1997
  Add another Maine Jewish business in to be determined
Hillcrest Hatchery Crop 1944 - 1961
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Union
The Tabenken Corporation 1033 School Street 1990 Wholesale Distributor of Beer, Wines, Carbonated Beverages and Snack Foods
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Veazie
Cohen-Chicken Business
[Law firm in Waldoboro]
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Waldoboro
Androscoggin Clothing Co 2016
Boston Branch Clothing Store 2016
Butler Stores (Waterville)
Corner Store 2013
Cutler's Men, Women's, and Children's Store GW 2009
Depositors Trust Co banking
Dunham's of Maine 2011
Edgecomb Potters 2011
Federal Trust Company 33 Main St 1955 bank
First National Bank 2011 banking
Gallert Shoe Company 2011 shoe manufacturing
Greyhound Bus 2011
Harris M. Isaacson Law Offices Waterville
Hillson's Shoe Store 2011 shoe
J Peavy and Brothers (Waterville) 2016
Jackson Dairy Farms 213 Main St 1955 pasteurized diary products
Levine Realty 2011
Levine’s Clothing Store ( William Levine & Sons) clothing
Louis Levine & Sons 1951
Louis Wolman Steel Co. 1997 steel industry
M. H. Fishman Company (Variety Store)
Maine State Congress - Waterville Waterville 2011
Mineral Springs Soda Co. 2011
New England Confectionary Co GW 2009
New England Tea & Coffee Store Waterville
PS It's Delicious
Russakoff Jewelers jewelry
Shenson & Jolovitz Grocers 1915 c retail food
Shiros grocery store
Silver Street Meat Market (Waterville) GW
Specialty Shoe Store 2011 shoe
State Furniture
Sterns Department Store 81-85 Main St
The Jefferson Restaurant - 1975 restaurant
The Remnant Room, Inc. 1985
W Lipsky Clothing - Gents, Furnishing, Goods retail clothing
Waterville Supply Company
Weins Store 2011
Wm Levine & Son clothing
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Waterville
Standard Suit Case Company closedsuitcase and other leather goods
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Wayne
Enterprise Mattress Company
General Store 1910 - 1920s c retail - general
S.D. Warren
Warren Furniture (Westbrook) furniture
Westbrook Hardware Main St 1944 to 2000s retail hardware
Yudy’s Tires retail tires
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Westbrook
Winthrop Woolen Mills
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Winthrop
Benjamen Iron and Metal
  Add another Maine Jewish business in Yarmouth
Tom's of Maine 2010
York Wild Animal Kingdom