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Viner Family Seder

13-Apr-49 -

Thank you to Marcia Lieberman for the photo
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    front, left to right  Sandra   Viner  sitting on lap Sammy   Viner  fatherTom   Viner  little boy on lapArnold   Viner  older boyCathy   Viner  little girl on lapBill   Viner  fatherBarbara   Viner  girl seated;

    2nd row, left to right :   Celia   Goos Viner ;   1     Gitel   Viner ;   2     Ann   Wiener ;   3     Miriam   Michelson Viner ;   4     Tibby   Baron Viner ;   5     Pat   Cohen Viner ;   6

    rear, left to rt :     Ben   Viner   1 ;     Leo   Viner   2 ;     Jim   Viner   3 ;
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