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Confirmation Class on Bimah at Temple Beth El

1956 - Portland Public Library , Portland Press Herald Collection

Thank you to Abraham A Schechter Special Collections Librarian and Archivist, Portland Public Library and Portland Press Herald for the photo
People: Rabbi Louis B Grossman, #1; Rabbi Louis B Grossman, left; Fraya Fineberg, 2nd from left; Cantor Messerschmidt, #8; all to be identified , #2 - #7; Phyllis Gerber, 3rd from left; Marjorie Goldberg, 4th from left; Harriet Zade, 4th from right; Judy Wernick, 3rd from right; Rhoda Weinman, 2nd from right; Cantor Kurt Messerschmidt, right;

Front: Priscilla Troubh, left; Rhoda Aranson, 2nd from left; Louis Finberg , 3rd from left; Gail Nathanson, 3rd from right; Debbie Zolov, 2nd from right; Roberta Yormack, right

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

Organizations: Temple Beth El
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Second from left is Phyllis Gerber
ed schultz on :
Back row,hyllis left to right: Fraya Fineberg,
Phyllis Gerber, Marjorie Goldberg, Harriet Zade, Judy Wernick, Rhoda Weinman.

Front row, left to right: Priscilla Troubh, Rhoda Aranson, Lois Finberg, Gail Nathanson, Debbie Zolov, Roberta Yormack