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Sulkowitch Family Tree

not known - DMJ Facebook page

Thank you to Ava L Sweeney Vaughn / Philip Bloom for the photo
People: Bernard (Asher Rov) Sulkowitch; Sarah/Ida (Chaye Sarah) Rubinsky Sulkowitch ;

: Jennie Sulkowitch ; Max Sulkowitch ; Louis Sulkowitch ; Goldie Sulkowitch; Elizabeth Sulkowitch ; Eliezer Zali Bernstein ; Max Bernstein ; Abraham Bernstein ; Samuel Bernstein; Herman Bernstein ; Joseph Bernstein ; Jenny Sulkowitch Bernstein ;

: Florence Bernstein Simon ; Harry Bernstein ; Lewis Bernstein ; Pearl Bernstein ; Sadie Bernstein ; Etta Bernstein ; William Bernstein; Myer Simon ; Hazel Stella Bloomstone Bernstein ; Frances Krasnick Bernstein