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1940 US Federal Census Data Portland
Families with at least one East European immigrant

The census is taken street by street not in alphabetic order. When DMJ’s researchers (names) looked for Jewish immigrants,
they searched the name of each east European country. Consequently the order of listing on the web is a mixture of these two approaches.
The best way then to search for family and friends is to use control-F to find individuals names.

Namebirth yrbirthplacesingle/marriedfamily relationaddressoccupationindustryresidence 1935highest grade levelyears worked 1939
Jack [Kuvent] Kurent abt 1902Polandmhead11 Surrendon St.Teacher   52
Phillip Abeskawson (Abrahamson)abt 1891Polandmhead38 Vesper StProprieterPrinting 6th grade52
Fannie Ablingabt 1890RussiaMarriedWife21 Grant  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Percy Ablingabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead21 GrantProprietorTailor ShopSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Rose Ablingabt 1910MaineSingleDaughter21 GrantBookkeeperRetail Auto SuppliesSameHigh School, 4th year52
Edward Abllingabt 1914MaineSingleSon21 GrantStatisticianWPA OfficeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Freda Abrahamsonabt 1900RussiaMarriedWife128  SameNone0
Julius Abrahamsonabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead128ManagerRetail Clothing StoreSameNone52
Marjorie Abrahamsonabt 1934MaineSingleDaughter128  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Elizabeth Abrahamsonabt 1938MaineSingleDaughter128   None 
Esther Abrahamsonabt 1884Polandwhead24 Cumberland Ave   4th grade 
Bertha Abramsabt 1884RussiaWidowedHeadVesper Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Bernard Abramsabt 1916MaineSingleSonVesper StreetSalesmanAutomobileSameHigh School, 4th year52
Lewis Abramsonabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead125 Sherman StreetTeacherPublic SchoolsSameCollege, 4th year52
Ida Abramsonabt 1903MaineMarriedWife125 Sherman Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Gilbert Abramsonabt 1928MaineSingleSon125 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Lazarius (Lazarus) Abramson abt 1872Polandwhead44 Emerson St.Bill Collector  8th grade52
Louis Aggerabt 1902RussiaSingleBrother10 Middle Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Fannie Aggerabt 1875RussiaWidowedMother10 Middle Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Mollie Aggerabt 1900RussiaSingleHead10 Middle StreetSales WomanClothing StoreSameHigh School, 1st year52
Harry Aggerabt 1909RussiaSingleBrother10 Middle StreetBuyerPoultrySameHigh School, 4th year40
Rose Aggerabt 1878Polandwhead297 Fore St   8th grade 
Pauline Albertabt 1863PolandwmotherMorning St   3rd grade 
Herman (Hermon) Albertabt 1890PolandsheadMorning StAgent Private  7th grade52
Eva Allenabt 1894RussiaMarriedGuest ManagerRetail Ladies ClothingNew York, New YorkElementary school, 1st grade0
Harry Alpertabt 1895RussiaMarriedHead107 Sheridan StreetJunk DealerJunkSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Rose Alpertabt 1896MaineMarriedWife107 Sheridan Street  SameNone0
James Alpertabt 1880RussiaMarriedHeadMorning StreetManagerReal EstateSameElementary school, 4th grade52
Rose Alpertabt 1900EnglandMarriedWifeMorning Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Louis Altweiger (Altwerger)abt 1880Polandmhead105 Grant StTailor   52
Goldie Altweiger (Altwerger)abt 1891Polandmwife105 Grant St   3rd grade 
Morris Anchesabt 1882RussiaWidowedHead109Shoe RepairingShoe ShopSameNone52
Michael Anchesabt 1907MaineSingleSon109Car WasherPublic GarageSameHigh School, 4th year52
Anna G Ansellabt 1894RussiaMarriedDaughter33 Vesper StreetProprietorRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Julian Ansellabt 1923MaineSingleGrandson33 Vesper Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Shirley Ansellabt 1924MaineSingleGranddaughter33 Vesper Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Simion B Aransonabt 1914RussiaSingleSonDanforth StreetAgentGeneral Insurance Co.SameCollege, 4th year52
David M Aransonabt 1887MaineWidowedHeadDanforth Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Nathan Astonabt 1897Polandmhead77 Congress StCollector  8th grade32
Mary Astorabt 1903RussiaMarriedWife77 Congress Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade52
Nathan M Astorabt 1897PolandMarriedHead77 Congress StreetCollectorClubs & Prints?SameElementary school, 8th grade32
Shirley A Astorabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter77 Congress Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Louis B Atkinmanabt 1891RussiaMarriedHead88 Brackett StreetProprietorSecond Hand StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Ida Atkinmanabt 1892LithuaniaMarriedWife88 Brackett Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Abraham Atkinmanabt 1918LithuaniaSingleSon88 Brackett StreetPainterBuilding ConstructionSameHigh School, 4th year26
Jacob Atkinmanabt 1919LithuaniaSingleSon88 Brackett StreetNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Hanetor Atkinmanabt 1923LithuaniaSingleDaughter88 Brackett Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year 
Rose Baerabt 1905RussiaSingleBoarder158 North StreetHousekeeperPrivate HomeSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Rose Baerabt 1885RussiaWidowedHeadFranklin Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Frances Baerabt 1913MaineSingleDaughterFranklin Street  SameHigh School, 4th year 
Sara Baerabt 1914MaineSingleDaughterFranklin StreetBookkeeperRetail Clothing StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Rona Baerabt 1916MaineSingleDaughterFranklin StreetBookkeeperWholesale ProduceSameHigh School, 4th year52
Adaline Baerabt 1918MaineSingleDaughterFranklin StreetClerkRetail BakerySameHigh School, 4th year52
Frieda Baerabt 1924MaineSingleDaughterFranklin Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Robert Bakerabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead128 NoyesProprietor ManagerAutomobile WholesaleSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Molly Bakerabt 1890RussiaMarriedWife128 Noyes  Providence, Providence, Rhode IslandElementary school, 8th grade0
Morris Bakerabt 1912Rhode IslandSingleSon128 NoyesManagerAutomobiles WholesaleProvidence, Providence, Rhode IslandHigh School, 4th year36
Minnie Barnesabt 1903RussiaMarriedWife46 KelloggPresserLaundrySameElementary school, 8th grade49
Charles Barnesabt 1896ChicagoMarriedHead46 KelloggWeigherCanadian National RailwaySameElementary school, 8th grade46
George Barnesabt 1921MaineDivorcedSon46 KelloggDelivery BoyWholesale Meat StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade26
Beatrice Barnesabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter46 Kellogg  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Lena Barnstoneabt 1870RussiaMarriedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Lillian Barnstoneabt 1904RussiaMarriedWife189 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Samuel Barnstoneabt 1898MassachusettsMarriedHead189 Dartmouth StreetProprietor ManagerRetail - Store Mens ClothesSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Myron Barnstoneabt 1933MaineSingleSon189 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Leonard Barnstoneabt 1936MaineSingleSon189 Dartmouth Street   None 
Eva Barronabt 1870RussiaWidowedHeadWashington Avenue  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Eva Barronabt 1870RussiaWidowedHeadWashington Avenue  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Bertha Barrowabt 1874RussiaWidowedHead158 North Street  Waterville, Kennebec, MaineNone0
Gertrude Bartfeldabt 1875RussiaWidowedHeadVesper Street  SameElementary school, 3rd grade0
Frances Bartfeldabt 1902MaineSingleDaughterVesper StreetMolasses RefinerMolasses RefinerySameHigh School, 4th year20
Ida Bartfeldabt 1906MaineSingleDaughterVesper StreetStenographerWholesale ClothesSameHigh School, 4th year52
Herbert Bartfeldabt 1908MaineSingleSonVesper StreetClerkNotionsSameHigh School, 4th year52
Bessie Beckabt 1871RussiaMarriedWife75 Wilson StreetLandladyRentsSameElementary school, 8th grade0
Louis Beck abt 1866RussiaMarriedHead75 Wilson Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Rose Becklemanabt 1893RussiaMarriedWife159 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
David Becklemanabt 1887RussiaMarriedHead159 Dartmouth StreetManagerLife InsuranceSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Harold M Becklemanabt 1913MaineSingleSon159 Dartmouth StreetNew Worker SameCollege, 3rd year0
Beverly Becklemanabt 1918MaineSingleDaughter159 Dartmouth StreetSecretaryLife InsuranceSameHigh School, 4th year52
Barbara Becklemanabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter159 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year 
Mary Belofskyabt 1860RussiaWidowedGrandmother87 Cumberland Ave  SameNone0
Max Bemstein (Bernstein)abt 1863Lithuaniamhead28 Morning StProprieter  6th grade52
Morris Benjaminabt 1894RussiaMarriedHead132 Brighton AveManagerRetail Grocery StoreSameHigh School, 1st year52
Anna Benjaminabt 1897MassachusettsMarriedWife132 Brighton Ave  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Marylyn Benjaminabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter132 Brighton Ave  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Jacob Benjaminabt 1887RussiaMarriedHead24 Hampshire StreetJunk BuyerJunk Own BusinessSameNone50
Rebecca Benjaminabt 1892RussiaMarriedWife24 Hampshire Street  SameNone 
Hyman Benjaminabt 1914MaineSingleSon24 Hampshire StreetJunk BuyerJunkSameHigh School, 3rd year50
Ann Benjaminabt 1917MaineMarriedDaughter24 Hampshire Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Annie Benjaminabt 1918MaineSingleDaughter24 Hampshire StreetSalesgirlMens Department StoreSameHigh School, 4th year0
Abraham Benjaminabt 1924MaineSingleSon24 Hampshire Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
William Bennettabt 1877Polandslodger13 Wilmot StShoemaker  4th grade50
Maine (Mamie) Bennson (Berenson)abt 1891Polandmhead36 Moody St.   4th grade 
Maine Bensonabt 1891Polandmhead36 Moody St   4th grade 
Rebecca Levi Berabt 1907RussiaMarriedWife98 Cumberland Ave  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Isaac Berabt 1900EstoniaMarriedHead98 Cumberland AveLaborerShoe RepairerSameElementary school, 6th grade52
Milton Berabt 1935MaineSingleSon98 Cumberland Ave  SameNone 
David R Berabt 1937MaineSingleSon98 Cumberland Ave   None 
Stanley Berabt 1939MaineSingleSone98 Cumberland Ave   None 
Morris Bercovitzabt 1892RussiaWidowedHead296BakerBakery ShopSameNone52
Abraham Bercovitzabt 1923MaineSingleSon296  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Celia Berensonabt 1885RussiaMarriedWife40 St Gaurend Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Abraham Berensonabt 1875RussiaMarriedHead40 St Gaurend StreetStore HelperVariety StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade30
Charles Berensonabt 1915MaineSingleSon40 St Gaurend StreetStore KeeperVariety StoreSameHigh School, 3rd year0
Jacob Berensonabt 1921MaineSingleSon40 St Gaurend Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Annie Berensonabt 1887RussiaMarriedWifeBeckett Street  SameNone0
Joseph Berensonabt 1886RussiaMarriedHeadBeckett StreetManager; PeapWholesale Fruit   
Hyman H Berensonabt 1898RussiaMarriedHeadClark StreetProprietorRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 4th grade52
Esther S Berensonabt 1897EnglandMarriedWifeClark Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Gilbert Berensonabt 1928MaineSingleSonClark Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Ann Bermanabt 1930Lithuaniasdaughter53 Franklin St  Lithuania 3rd grade 
Lera (Sera) Bermanabt 1901Lithuaniamwife53 Franklin St  Lithuania 5th grade 
Abraham Bermanabt 1897Lithuaniamhead53 Franklin StPoultry Peddler Lithuania5th grade12
Thressa Bernsteinabt 1878RussiaWidowedHead215 Congress StreetClerkRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Gertrude B Bernsteinabt 1891RussiaMarriedWife271 Congress StreetBookkeeperHardware StoreSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Thomas Bernsteinabt 1890OhioMarriedHead271 Congress Street Mgr Of Hardware Store Retail Hardware StoreSameElementary school, 6th grade52
Sarah Bernsteinabt 1868Lithuaniamwife28 Morning St   6th grade 
Samuel Bernsteinabt 1868Lithuaniamhead42 Morning St   7th grade 
Jennie Bernsteinabt 1870Polandmwife42 Morning St   HS 4th year 
Rose J Bernsteinabt 1889RussiaMarriedWife50 Prospect Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Levi Bernsteinabt 1887MaineMarriedHead50 Prospect StreetOwnerMarine Hardware ShopSameHigh School, 4th year52
Norman Bernsteinabt 1922MaineSingleSon50 Prospect StreetLaborerMarine Hardware ShopSameHigh School, 4th year30
Edward I Bernsteinabt 1924MaineSingleSon50 Prospect Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Helen I Bernsteinabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter50 Prospect Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Katie Bernsteinabt 1884RussiaMarriedWife53 Franklin Street  SameNone0
Max Bernsteinabt 1884RussiaMarriedHead53 Franklin Street Proprietor Retail Clothing StoreSameNone0
Sarah Bernsteinabt 1870RussiaMarriedWife84 North  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Abraham J Bernsteinabt 1864RussiaMarriedHead84 North  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Louis Bernsteinabt 1901MaineSingleSon84 NorthAttorneyPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 4th year52
Shirley Y Bernsteinabt 1904RussiaMarriedWifeChadwick Street  Brooklyn, Kings, New YorkElementary school, 8th grade0
Henry Bernsteinabt 1898New YorkMarriedHeadChadwick StreetPartnerFlorist - WBrooklyn, Kings, New YorkHigh School, 2nd year52
Murray Bernsteinabt 1924MassachusettsSingleSonChadwick Street  Brooklyn, Kings, New YorkHigh School, 2nd year0
Leonard Bernsteinabt 1932PennsylvaniaSingleSonChadwick Street  Brooklyn, Kings, New YorkElementary school, 2nd grade0
Hyman Berustein (Bernstein)abt 1878Lithuaniamhead26 Moody stOwner   52
Lillean (Lillian) Berustein (Bernstein)abt 1880Lithuaniamwife26 Moody st   1st grade 
Rose Biennabt 1890LithuaniamMIL54 Moody   4th grade 
Myer / Meyer Bienn (Brinn)abt 1892PolandmFather in Law54 Moody StProprieter  HS 4th year17
Frances Blockabt 1903Lithuaniamwife92 Congress St   HS 1st year 
Morris Blockabt 1908Lithuaniamhead92 Congress StProprieter  6th grade52
Dora Bloomabt 1885Polandwhead30 Quincy StInspector   52
Louis Blumenthalabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead145 Dartmouth StreetPresidentRetail Meat StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Freda Blumenthalabt 1904MaineMarriedWife145 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Glenis Blumenthalabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter145 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Shirley Blumenthalabt 1933MaineSingleDaughter145 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Dora Blumenthalabt 1865RussiaMarriedHead182 Congress Street  SameNone0
Tiby Blumenthalabt 1895MaineSingleDaughter182 Congress Street  SameNone0
Sadie Blumenthalabt 1897MaineSingleDaughter182 Congress StreetBookkeeperConfectionary?SameHigh School, 4th year52
Morris Blumenthalabt 1904MaineSingleSon182 Congress StreetMusicianMusicSameHigh School, 4th year0
Samuel Blumenthalabt 1876RussiaMarriedHead263 StateProprietorRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 5th grade52
Goldie Blumenthalabt 1880RussiaMarriedWife263 State  SameElementary school, 3rd grade0
Ida Blumenthalabt 1909MaineSingleDaughter263 StateBookkeeperWholesale FoodsSameHigh School, 4th year52
Reva Blumenthalabt 1914MaineSingleDaughter263 StateCashierRetail FurnitureSameHigh School, 4th year52
Erwin Blumenthalabt 1917MaineSingleSon263 StateSales ClerkRetail GrocerySameHigh School, 4th year52
Maurice Blumenthalabt 1917MaineSingleSon263 StateSales ClerkRetail GrocerySameHigh School, 4th year52
Sylvia Blumenthalabt 1921MaineSingleDaughter263 StateNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Benjamin Blumenthalabt 1886RussiaMarriedHead274 Congress StreetFloristFlower ShopSameElementary school, 2nd grade52
Rita Blumenthalabt 1902RussiaMarriedWife274 Congress Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Charles Blumenthalabt 1860RussiaMarriedHead48 Park Ave  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Blanche Blumenthalabt 1863RussiaMarriedWife48 Park Ave  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Alice Blumenthalabt 1910MaineSingleDaughter48 Park AveStenographerLoan CompanySameHigh School, 4th year52
David Blumenthalabt 1886RussiaMarriedHead54 NorthPeddlerVegetableSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Rose Blumenthalabt 1898RussiaMarriedWife54 North  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Edith F Blumenthalabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter54 NorthForeladyOverall MfgSameHigh School, 4th year39
Daniel Blumenthalabt 1928MaineSingleSon54 North  SameElementary school, 3rd grade 
William Boogmanabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead20 St George Street Mattress Maker Retail Mattress ManufacturerSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Rose Boogmanabt 1891RussiaMarriedWife20 St George Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Harry Boogmanabt 1911MassachusettsSingleSon20 St George StreetProprietorRetail Mattress ManufacturerSameCollege, 4th year52
Norman Boogmanabt 1928MassachusettsSingleSon20 St George Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Himan Boxsteinabt 1897RussiaMarriedHeadPearlDealerUsed BottlesSameHigh School, 4th year48
Rose Boxsteinabt 1898RussiaMarriedWifePearl  SameElementary school, 3rd grade0
Sarah Boxsteinabt 1872RussiaWidowedHeadPearl  SameNone0
Maynard I Braiserabt 1890RussiaMarriedHead152 Dartmouth StreetMessengerRailroadSameHigh School, 1st year52
Anna Braiserabt 1895RussiaMarriedWife152 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Anne Braiserabt 1928RussiaSingleDaughter152 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Soloman J Branzabt 1905RussiaMarriedHead16 St Gaurend StreetSalesmanRetail FurnitureSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Lillie Branzabt 1906MaineMarriedWife16 St Gaurend Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Jean M Branzabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter16 St Gaurend Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
William Branzabt 1931MaineSingleSon16 St Gaurend Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Sarah Branzabt 1886RussiaWidowedHead16 St Gaurend Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Rebecca Branzabt 1910MaineSingleDaughter16 St Gaurend StreetPackerFoods CannedSameHigh School, 1st year52
Lena Branzabt 1913MaineSingleDaughter16 St Gaurend StreetStenographerFurniture StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Jacob Branzabt 1914MaineSingleSon16 St Gaurend StreetSalesmanUsed CarsSameHigh School, 2nd year0
Rose Brenermanabt 1886RussiaMarriedWifeCumberland Avenue  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Benjamin Brenermanabt 1885RussiaMarriedHeadCumberland AvenueRag Picker in Print ShoreJunk BusinessSameElementary school, 5th grade13
Soloman Brenermanabt 1913RussiaSingleSonCumberland Avenue  SameHigh School, 4th year52
Ada Brennerabt 1879PolandmwifeCasco St   HS 1st year 
Joseph Brennerabt 1873PolandmheadCasco StSalesman  HS 4th year52
Rebecca Brickmanabt 1874PolandmwifeCongress St   4th grade 
Samuel Brickmanabt 1875PolandmheadCongress StOwner  5th grade52
Fannie Briggsabt 1874Lithuaniawboarder171 Pearl   Rockland  
Mary Briggsabt 1914Latviaswife52 Moody St   HS 4th year 
Julius Brimabt 1917MaineSingleLodger74 Atlantic StreetCutterPants FactorySameHigh School, 4th year30
Mendel Brinkerabt 1884RussiaMarriedHead45 ChestnutJunk DealerSecond Hand GoodsSameElementary school, 4th grade52
Glica Brinkerabt 1881RussiaMarriedWife45 Chestnut  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Julia (Julius) Brinnabt 1917MainefSister-in-law54 Moody St   Cutter (sutter) 
Dorothy Brinnabt 1919MainefSister-in-law54 Moody St   HS 4th year 
Rose Broismanabt 1893RussiaMarriedWife1  SameNone0
Harry Broismanabt 1889RussiaMarriedHead1TailorClothing ShopSameElementary school, 8th grade22
Raymond Broismanabt 1921MassachusettsSingleSon1Newspaper Delivery BoyPublishing CompanySameHigh School, 4th year52
Emma Broismanabt 1923MassachusettsSingleDaughter1ClerkBakery CompanySameHigh School, 4th year13
Rita Broismanabt 1931MaineSingleDaughter1  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Max Bronstein (Bronstien)abt 1911Polandmlodger146 Franklin StTruckman  8th grade52
Michael Brookabt 1875RussiaMarriedLodger75 Wilson StreetSalesmanRetail GoodsNew York, New YorkHigh School, 4th year0
Rebecca Brooksabt 1878RussiaMarriedLodger75 Wilson Street  New York, New YorkHigh School, 4th year0
Dora Brownabt 1892VermontMarriedWife79 Atlantic Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Edward Brownabt 1915VermontSingleSon79 Atlantic StreetSalesmanRetail GrocerySameHigh School, 4th year0
Hilda Brownabt 1917MaineSingleDaughter79 Atlantic StreetSalesladyDepartment StoreSameHigh School, 2nd year30
Abe Brownabt 1920MaineSingleSon79 Atlantic StreetClerkGrocery StoreSameHigh School, 3rd year52
Ethel I Brownabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter79 Atlantic Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Joseph L Brownabt 1932MaineSingleSon79 Atlantic Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade 
Harry Brownabt 1897EnglandMarriedPartnerCasco StreetForemanDress Factory Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Elementary school, 8th grade52
Max M Brown abt 1890RussiaMarriedHead79 Atlantic StreetSalesmanReal EstateSameElementary school, 8th grade0
Dora Brownstoneabt 1875RussiaWidowedMother108 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
David I Brownstoneabt 1904MaineSingleHead108 Sherman StreetDoctor of DentistryPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 5th or subsequent year52
Edward W Buckmanabt 1867RussiaMarriedHead148 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Nellie Buckmanabt 1874CaliforniaMarriedWife148 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Gertrude Burkeabt 1922MaineSingleLodger75 Federal StreetSeamstressN.Y.A.South Portland, Cumberland, MaineHigh School, 3rd year36
Sarah Caplanabt 1880Polandwhead180 Oxford St   3rd grade 
Chaia Caplanabt 1892RussiaMarriedWife312 Congress Street  Cambridge, MassachusettsNone0
Bernard Caplanabt 1890RussiaMarriedHead312 Congress StreetSextonSynagogueCambridge, MassachusettsElementary school, 7th grade52
Julius Caplanabt 1926MaineSingleSon312 Congress Street  Cambridge, MassachusettsElementary school, 8th grade0
Edith Caplinabt 1881Lithuaniamwife5 Ricker Park   4th grade 
Elias Caplinabt 1879Lithuaniamhead5 Ricker ParkMedical Doctor  College 5th year or more52
David Carvelabt 1893RussiaDivorcedBrother165 Bolton StreetProprietorPlumbing BusinessSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Harry Carvelabt 1895RussiaMarriedHead165 Bolton StreetProprietorPlumbing BusinessSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Lillian Carvelabt 1897MassachusettsMarriedWife165 Bolton Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Irene Carvelabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter165 Bolton Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Richard Carvelabt 1925MaineSingleSon165 Bolton Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Ida Chapmanabt 1894RussiaMarriedWife11 Pitt Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Edward M Chapmanabt 1886RussiaMarriedHead11 Pitt Street Treasurer Manager Ladies FurnishingsSameHigh School, 1st year52
Bernard Chapmanabt 1917MaineSingleSon11 Pitt StreetClerkLadies FurnishingsSameHigh School, 4th year52
Dorothy Chapmanabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter11 Pitt Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Etta D Chaseabt 1895RussiaMarriedWife145 Cumberland Ave  SameNone0
Joseph Chaseabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead145 Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 6th grade40
Richard J Chaseabt 1917MaineSingleSon145 Cumberland AveBookkeeperSupply HouseSameHigh School, 4th year52
Dorothy Chaseabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter145 Cumberland AveBookkeeperBeef Supply HouseSameHigh School, 4th year52
Albert G Chaseabt 1926MaineSingleSon145 Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Samuel Chesneyabt 1877RussiaMarriedHead29 St Lawrence StreetCantorChurchSameElementary school, 6th grade52
Molly Chesneyabt 1891AustriaMarriedWife29 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Nathan Chudeabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead9Owner of Grocery StoreRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 4th grade52
Bessie Chudeabt 1886RussiaMarriedWife9  SameNone0
Ida Chudeabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter9ClerkDepartment StoreSameCollege, 2nd year52
Joseph Chudeabt 1880RussiaMarriedHead218 Congress StreetProprietorRetail Fruit StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Anna Chudeabt 1890RussiaMarriedWife218 Congress Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Francis Chudeabt 1915MassachusettsSingleDaughter218 Congress StreetStitcherPants FactorySameHigh School, 4th year52
Eva Citronabt 1888RussiaMarriedWifePreble Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Jacob Citronabt 1885RussiaMarriedHeadPreble StreetManagerApartment HouseSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Samuel M Citronabt 1913MaineSingleSonPreble StreetLawyerPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 5th or subsequent year52
Rose Claymanabt 1895RussiaMarriedWife161 Dartmouth StreetHousewife SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Benjamin Claymanabt 1886RomaniaMarriedHead161 Dartmouth StreetPresidentMattress FactorySameCollege, 3rd year52
Jack Claymanabt 1919MassachusettsSingleSon161 Dartmouth StreetClerkMattress FactorySameCollege, 1st year52
Robert Clenottabt 1893RussiaMarriedHead147 Dartmouth StreetManagerGeneral Shoe StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Hattie Clenottabt 1892Canada EnglishMarriedWife147 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Martin H Clenottabt 1922MaineSingleSon147 Dartmouth Street  Same High School, 4th year 0
William S Clenottabt 1926MaineSingleSon147 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Esther Cohenabt 1885RussiaMarriedWife26 Exchange  SameNone0
Bennett Cohenabt 1881EnglandMarriedHead26 ExchangeLaborerCitySameHigh School, 1st year 
Dorothy Cohenabt 1911MaineSingleDaughter26 Exchange  SameHigh School, 4th year52
Sammy Cohenabt 1913MaineSingleSon26 ExchangeClerkFish Market SameElementary school, 6th grade28
Nathan Cohenabt 1919MaineSingleSon26 ExchangeLaborerGypsy Moth ControlSameHigh School, 4th year24
Samuel Cohenabt 1885RussiaSingleBoarder33 Myrtle Street  SameNone0
Dora Cohenabt 1884RussiaMarriedWife62 Hampshire Street  SameNone0
Julius Cohenabt 1882RussiaMarriedHead62 Hampshire StreetJunk PeddlerOwn BusinessSameNone52
Fannie Cohenabt 1877RussiaMarriedHead63a Beckett Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Anna Cohenabt 1897MaineSingleDaughter63a Wilson StreetDesignerRug CompanySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Leah Cohenabt 1912MaineSingleDaughter63a Wilson StreetStenographerInsuranceSameHigh School, 4th year52
Morris Cohenabt 1914MaineSingleSon63a Wilson StreetSalesmanIce CreamSameHigh School, 2nd year12
Sarah Cohenabt 1898RussiaMarriedWife83 1/2 Middle Street  SameNone0
Jacob Cohenabt 1891RussiaMarriedHead83 1/2 Middle StreetTailorTailor Shop - Own BusinessSameNone52
Issac Cohenabt 1919MaineSingleSon83 1/2 Middle StreetNew Worker SameNone0
Bernard Cohenabt 1869RussiaMarriedHead9 WillisSalesmanDry Goods House to HouseSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Esther Cohenabt 1879MaineMarriedWife9 Willis  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Harry Cohenabt 1904PolandmheadCasco StProprieter  HS 4th year52
Lillian Cohenabt 1893RussiaMarriedWifeHigh  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Abram Cohenabt 1891RussiaMarriedHeadHighOwnerRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 7th grade52
Cecilia Cohenabt 1915MaineSingleDaughterHighLaboratory TechnicianPublic HospitalSameCollege, 4th year47
Morris Cohenabt 1920MaineSingleSonHighProprietorRetail Grocery StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Calumet Cohenabt 1923MaineSingleDaughterHigh  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Mildred Cohenabt 1925MaineSingleDaughterHigh  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Max Cohenabt 1881RussiaSingleUncleMorning StreetPeddlerProduceSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Ida Cohenabt 1891MassachusettsMarriedWifeMorning Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Charles Cohenabt 1895New YorkMarriedHeadMorning StreetPeddlerJunk-ProduceSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Max Cohenabt 1875RussiaDivorcedBoarderPearlFruit PeddlerFruit Team(?)SameElementary school, 4th grade52
J Samuel Cohenabt 1899RussiaMarriedHeadVesper StreetOwner & ManagerTire and Gas StationSameElementary school, 8th grade52
S Nellie Cohenabt 1900RussiaMarriedWifeVesper Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
W Maurice Cohenabt 1923MaineSingleSonVesper Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
A Charles Cohenabt 1927MaineSingleSonVesper Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Nathan Cohenabt 1904RussiaWidowedGuest   SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Myer Coldman (Goldman)abt 1881Lithuaniawhead180b Newbury StProprieter  3rd grade52
Samuel H Comerasabt 1885RussiaMarriedHeadMorning StreetTraveling SalesmanNotionsSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Sarah I Comerasabt 1888MaineMarriedWifeMorning Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Maurice Comerasabt 1906MaineSingleSonMorning StreetTraveling SalesmanBeverageSameHigh School, 4th year52
Gertrude E Comerasabt 1912MaineSingleDaughterMorning StreetBookkeeperJunkSameHigh School, 4th year30
Ethel M Comerasabt 1918MaineSingleDaughterMorning StreetBookkeeperNewspaperSameHigh School, 4th year52
John Cookabt 1880RussiaSingleHead86  SameNone0
Minnie Cookabt 1894RussiaMarriedWife   Sanford, York, MaineElementary school, 7th grade0
L Max Cookabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead AgentReal EstateSanford, York, MaineElementary school, 7th grade52
A Sylvia Cookabt 1920MaineSingleDaughter   Sanford, York, MaineHigh School, 4th year0
Burton Cookabt 1927MaineSingleSon   Sanford, York, MaineElementary School, 6th grade0
Louis Cooperabt 1887RussiaMarriedHead433 Forest AvenueSalesmanLeatherHaverhill, Essex, MassachusettsElementary school, 8th grade52
Sarah Cooperabt 1893RussiaMarriedWife433 Forest Avenue  Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsElementary school, 8th grade0
Harry Cooperabt 1914MassachusettsSingleSon433 Forest AvenueDepartment ManagerRetail GroceryHaverhill, Essex, MassachusettsHigh School, 4th year52
Mildred Cooperabt 1919MassachusettsSingleDaughter433 Forest AvenueNew WorkerShoe FactoryHaverhill, Essex, MassachusettsHigh School, 4th year4
Alfred Cooperabt 1920MassachusettsSingleSon433 Forest AvenueClerkRetail GroceryHaverhill, Essex, MassachusettsHigh School, 4th year52
Ruth Cooperabt 1931MassachusettsSingleDaughter433 Forest Avenue  Haverhill, Essex, MassachusettsElementary school, 3rd grade0
Max M Cooperabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead61A St Lawrence StreetCredit MagtShoe FactorySaco, York, MaineHigh School, 4th year52
Ida Cooperabt 1899MassachusettsMarriedWife61A St Lawrence Street  Saco, York, MaineHigh School, 2nd year0
Arnold Cooperabt 1923MassachusettsSingleSon61A St Lawrence Street  Saco, York, MaineHigh School, 3rd year0
Carl J Cooperabt 1928MassachusettsSingleSon61A St Lawrence Street  Saco, York, MaineElementary school, 7th grade0
Nancy Cooperabt 1935MassachusettsSingleDaughter61A St Lawrence Street  Saco, York, MaineElementary school, 1st grade0
William Cooperabt 1937MaineSingleSon61A St Lawrence Street   None0
Myer Copeabt 1899RussiaMarriedHead1Mgr of GarageAutomobile garageSameElementary school, 3rd grade50
Mindel Copeabt 1899RussiaMarriedWife1  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Phillip Copeabt 1924MaineSingleSon1  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Gerald S Copeabt 1930MaineSingleSon1  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Sara Copeabt 1876RussiaWidowedHead18 Wilmot Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Samuel M Copeabt 1912MaineSingleSon18 Wilmot StreetDentistDentistrySameCollege, 4th year52
Joseph Copeabt 1890Polandwhead27 Wilmot StPresident   52
Max Copeabt 1902RussiaMarriedHead80 Williams StreetPart OwnerRepair Shop AutomobileSameCollege, 4th year52
Florence Copeabt 1907New JerseyMarriedWife80 Williams Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Stewart Copeabt 1935MaineSingleSon80 Williams Street  SameNone0
Bernard Copeabt 1937MaineSingleSon80 Williams Street  SameNone0
Sarah Coxabt 1880RussiaWidowedHead82 Park Avenue  SameNone0
Morris Coxabt 1910MaineSingleSon82 Park AvenueLawyerPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 5th or subsequent year52
Rose Coxabt 1912MaineSingleDaughter82 Park AvenueStenographerPublishing OfficeSameCollege, 2nd year52
Benjamin Coxabt 1916MaineSingleSon82 Park AvenueSales ClerkRetail GroceryEdinburgh, Medlothian, ScotlandCollege, 5th or subsequent year25
Sidney Coxabt 1921MaineSingleSon82 Park AvenueMessengerUS Treasury Dept.SameCollege, 1st year30
Sarah Crasnickabt 1895RussiaMarriedWife243 Congress Street  SameNone0
Elias Crasnickabt 1890RussiaMarriedHead243 Congress StreetDelivery TruckBakerySameElementary school, 4th grade52
Carl Crasnickabt 1918MaineSingleSon243 Congress Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Phillip Crasnickabt 1919MaineSingleSon243 Congress StreetClerkRetail GrocerySameHigh School, 2nd year21
Max Crasnickabt 1925MaineSingleSon243 Congress Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Robert Crasnickabt 1887RussiaMarriedHead BuyerJunkSameElementary scho52ol, 5th grade0
Rose Crasnickabt 1889RussiaMarriedWife   SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Max Crasnickabt 1920MaineSingleSon SalesmanAutomobileSameHigh School, 4th year52
Samuel Crasnickabt 1922MaineSingleSon ClerkClothingSameHigh School, 3rd year14
Elias Cresnich [Crasnick]abt 1890RussiaMarriedHead243 Congress StreetDelivery TruckBakerySameElementary school, 4th grade52
N [Morris] Cresnich [Crasnick]abt 1861RussiaWidowedHead6 Larch Street  SameNone0
Ethel Cresnich [Crasnick]abt 1916MaineSingleDaughter6 Larch StreetClerkRetail FurnitureSameHigh School, 4th year52
Samuel Cronsbergabt 1903RussiaMarriedHead88 Vesper StreetClerkRetail HardwareBath, Sagadahoc, MaineCollege, 2nd year52
Rose L Cronsbergabt 1907MaineMarriedWife88 Vesper Street  Bath, Sagadahoc, MaineHigh School, 2nd year0
Sidney J Cronsbergabt 1933MaineSingleSon88 Vesper Street  Bath, Sagadahoc, MaineElementary school, 1st grade0
Frances Croot (Kroot)abt 1898Lithuaniamwife106 Congress   4th grade 
Benjamin Croot (Kroot)abt 1894Lithuaniamhead106 CongressProprieter   52
Jacob Cutlerabt 1868RussiaWidowedHead108 Federal StreetProprietorLodging HouseSameHigh School, 3rd year52
Molly Cutlerabt 1903Polandmwife144 Falmouth St   HS 4th year 
Lillian A Cutlerabt 1921New Yorksdaughter144 Falmouth StTypist  HS 4th year40
Jean Cutlerabt 1924New Yorksdaughter144 Falmouth St   HS 4th year 
Dorris [Doris] Cutlerabt 1932New Yorksdaughter144 Falmouth St   Elementary school, 1st grade 
Benjamin Cutlerabt 1898New Yorkmhead144 Falmouth StProprieter 55HS 4th year50
Israel Danskyabt 1870RussiaMarriedHead61 India Street  SameNone0
Etta Danskyabt 1892AustriaMarriedWife61 India Street  SameNone0
Eli Danskyabt 1916MaineSingleSon61 India StreetLaborerJunk ShopSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Gertrude Danskyabt 1918MaineSingleDaughter61 India StreetCashierRestauantSameHigh School, 4th year13
Hyman Danskyabt 1921MaineSingleSon61 India StreetShipping ClerkDepartment Clothing StoreSameHigh School, 4th year36
Molly Danskyabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter61 India Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Louis Danskyabt 1928MaineSingleSon61 India Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Harry Davidsonabt 1878Polanddhead130 Franklin StClerk   52
Aaron Davidsonabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead61 Sherman StreetProprietorGrocery StoreSame High School, 4th year 52
Ida Davidsonabt 1887RussiaMarriedWife61 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Lillian Davidsonabt 1917MaineSingleDaughter61 Sherman StreetManagerGrocery StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Sarah Davidsonabt 1918MaineSingleDaughter61 Sherman StreetClerkGrocery StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Elias Davidsonabt 1922MaineSingleSon61 Sherman Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year 
Eser Davidsonabt 1928MaineSingleSon61 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
David Davidsonabt 1878RussiaMarriedHead64 Franklin StreetChicken PeddlerOwn BusinessSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Lifshe Davidsonabt 1875RussiaMarriedWife64 Franklin Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Sarah Davidsonabt 1911MaineSingleDaughter64 Franklin Street  SameHigh School, 4th year52
Evelyn S Davisabt 1902RussiaMarriedWife286 State Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Max D Davisabt 1868MaineMarriedHead286 State StreetLawyerPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 2nd year52
Bernice I Davisabt 1927MaineSingleDaughter286 State Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Joseph A Davisabt 1932MaineSingleDaughter286 State Street   Elementary school, 2nd grade  
Anna C Davisabt 1880RussiaWidowedHead381 Deering Ave  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Jenny Davisabt 1873PolandmwifeSpring St   8th grade 
Samuel Davisabt 1878PolandmheadSpring StSales Manager  8th grade52
Max Deaneabt 1879RussiaMarriedHeadVesper StreetTailorTailor ShopSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Celia Deaneabt 1884RussiaMarriedWifeVesper Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Anna Diamenabt 1880RussiaMarriedWife275 State  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Peter Diamenabt 1872RussiaMarriedHead275 State  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Oscar Diamenabt 1905MaineSingleSon275 StateProprietorRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Lillian Diamenabt 1909MaineSingleDaughter275 State  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Joseph Diamenabt 1911MaineSingleSon275 StateSales ClerkRetail GrocerySameHigh School, 4th year52
David Diamenabt 1911MaineSingleSon275 StateSales ClerkRetail GrocerySameHigh School, 4th year52
Dora Diamonabt 1864Polandmwife1689 Forest Ave     
Aaron Diamonabt 1868Polandmhead1689 Forest AveSalesman   50
Ralph Diamonabt 1876RussiaMarriedHead170 E PromandeOwnerRetail Meats StoreSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Rose Diamonabt 1883RussiaMarriedWife170 E Promande  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Libbie F Diamonabt 1921MaineSingleDaughter170 E Promande  SameCollege, 1st year0
John Diamondabt 1881Latviamlodger108 Federal St.Shoemaker  4th grade52
Samuel Dorfmanabt 1898MaineMarriedHead76 Spruce StreetSecretaryUsed Car CompanySameCollege, 4th year52
Pauline Dorfmanabt 1901MaineMarriedWife76 Spruce Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Constance Dorfmanabt 1921MaineSingleDaughter76 Spruce Street  SameCollege, 1st year0
Maurice Dreesabt 1907RussiaSingleHeadChadwick StreetProprietorHats - RSameHigh School, 4th year52
B Julius Dreesabt 1903RussiaMarriedHeadMorning StreetManagerRetail Shoe StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
P Belle Dreesabt 1907RussiaMarriedWifeMorning Street  Perth Amboy, New JerseyHigh School, 4th year0
Tina Dvilinskyabt 1900RussiaMarriedWife80 Munjoy Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Israel Dvilinskyabt 1894MaineMarriedHead80 Munjoy StreetPeddlerRetail Fruit SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Sydney Dvilinskyabt 1924MaineSingleSon80 Munjoy Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Norman Dvilinskyabt 1933MaineSingleSon80 Munjoy Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade 
Dora Edelstoneabt 1872RussiaWidowedLodger65 Franklin Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Benjamin Edisonabt 1898PolandMarriedLodger61 India StreetLaborerJunk ShopSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Bessie Edisonabt 1897RussiaMarriedWifeMonument Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Benjamin Edisonabt 1893RussiaMarriedHeadMonument StreetJunk HelperJunkSameNone52
Stella Edisonabt 1919MaineSingleDaughterMonument StreetStitcherDress FactorySameHigh School, 4th year52
Leona Edisonabt 1922MaineSingleDaughterMonument StreetStitcherDress FactorySameHigh School, 4th year31
Ellenor Edisonabt 1925MaineSingleDaughterMonument Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
David Einbinderabt 1903Polandsbrother in lawAtlantic StPeddler  8th grade52
Esther Elowitchabt 1895RussiaWidowedHead606 Congress StreetDress Shop ProprietorRetail Dress ShopSameHigh School, 2nd year52
Morton Elowitchabt 1920MaineSingleSon606 Congress Street  SameCollege, 2nd year0
Charles Elowitchabt 1928MaineSingleSon606 Congress Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Hyman Elrick [Erlich]abt 1907MainemheadKellogg StPrinter  High School, 4th year52
Sarah Elrick [Erlich]abt 1881PolandmmotherKellogg St   4th grade 
Payson Elrick [Erlich]abt 1908MainembrotherKellogg StProprietorworking on his own account High School 3rd year 
Israel Elrick [Erlich]abt 1874RomaniamfatherKellogg St   4th grade 
Celia Elrick [Erlich]abt 1914MainefSister Kellogg Sttypist  High School, 4th year26
Isaac Emanuelabt 1878RussiaMarriedHead9 MelbourneTeacher Of Yiddish LanguageHebrew SchoolSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Gertrude Emanuelabt 1881RussiaMarriedWife9 Melbourne  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Adele Emanuelabt 1917RussiaMarriedDaughter9 MelbourneBookkeeperRetail Second Hand Furniture StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Dorothy Empleabt 1917MaineSingleSister-in-law113 Grant Street Office Manager Cleaners & DyersBangor, Penobscot, MaineHigh School, 4th year52
Gertrude Epsteinabt 1893Lithuaniamwife10 Howard St   7th grade 
David Epsteinabt 1892Polandmhead10 Howard StOwner  6th grade50
Samuel B Epsteinabt 1869RussiaMarriedBoarder158 North Street  Lewiston, Androscoggin, MaineElementary school, 8th grade0
Morris Epsteinabt 1884RussiaMarriedHead27 MorningProprietorBarrel CoSameNone52
Rose Epsteinabt 1882RussiaMarriedWife27 Morning  SameNone0
Mae Epsteinabt 1911MaineSingleDaughter27 MorningSocial Sec WorkerGovt OfficeSameCollege, 4th year52
Robert Epsteinabt 1885RussiaMarriedHeadNorth StreetLife Insurance AgentInsuranceSameHigh School, 3rd year52
Rebecca Epsteinabt 1888RussiaMarriedWifeNorth Street  SameElementary school, 3rd grade0
Herman Epsteinabt 1918MaineSingleSonNorth Street  SameCollege, 3rd year0
Louis K Erlickabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead433a Cumberland AveWig MakerPrivate BusinessSameHigh School, 2nd year52
Sarah Erlickabt 1893MaineMarriedWife433a Cumberland Ave  SameCollege, 4th year0
Ruth Erlickabt 1920MaineSingleDaughter433a Cumberland Ave  SameCollege, 3rd year0
Annette Erlickabt 1922MaineSingleDaughter433a Cumberland AveSecretaryLaw OfficeSameHigh School, 4th year24
Preston Erlickabt 1924MaineSingleSon433a Cumberland Ave  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Milton Erlickabt 1925MaineSingleSon433a Cumberland Ave  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Howard Erlickabt 1927MaineSingleSon433a Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Dwight Erlickabt 1929MaineSingleSon433a Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Bessie Feildman [Feldman]abt 1888RussiaWidowedHeadCongress Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Edmond Feildman [Feldman]abt 1909MaineSingleSonCongress StreetChemistLaboratorySameHigh School, 4th year0
David Feildman [Feldman]abt 1916MaineSingleSonCongress StreetPharmacistRetail Drugs SameCollege, 2nd year52
Ralph Feildman [Feldman]abt 1918MaineSingleSonCongress StreetSalesmanRetail Drugs SameCollege, 1st year52
Morris Feimnanabt 1877RussiaMarriedHead22 Eastern Promenade  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Celia Feimnanabt 1886RussiaMarried 22 Eastern PromenadeFinisherRetail FurSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Gertrude Feinbergabt 1888RussiaMarriedWife15 Sherman  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Samuel Feinbergabt 1892RussiaMarriedHead15 ShermanProprietorTailor ShopSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Isidore Feinbergabt 1913MaineSingleSon15 ShermanSales ClerkRetail DrugsSameHigh School, 4th year26
Irving [Hyman I] Feinbergabt 1917MaineSingleSon15 ShermanNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Nathan Feinsteinabt 1878RussiaMarriedHead32 Cushman StreetShoe RepairerOwn ShopSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Sarah Feinsteinabt 1882RussiaMarriedWife32 Cushman Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Gertrude Feinsteinabt 1912RussiaSingleDaughter32 Cushman StreetBookkeeperWholesale Rug FirmSameHigh School, 4th year26
Cyril Feinsteinabt 1920MaineSingleSon32 Cushman Street  SameCollege, 2nd year0
Cecelia N Fieldmanabt 1875RussiaWidowedHead33 Vesper StreetNaturopathOwn HomeSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Ida Finbergabt 1901RussiaMarriedWife119 Pitt Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
George Finbergabt 1900MassachusettsMarriedHead119 Pitt StreetManagerRetail Hardware StoreSameCollege, 2nd year52
Nadine Finbergabt 1930New HampshireSingleDaughter119 Pitt Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Marcia Finbergabt 1934New HampshireSingleDaughter119 Pitt Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Norman Finbergabt 1935MaineSingleSon119 Pitt Street  SameNone 
Bernard Finberg abt 1906Lithuaniamhead895 Congress StSalesman  HS 4th year52
Samuel Finebergabt 1875RussiaMarriedHead198 OxfordCabinet MakerFurniture FactorySameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Sarah M Finebergabt 1877RussiaMarriedWife198 Oxford  SameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Isadore Finebergabt 1912MaineSingleSon198 OxfordHouse PainterBuilding ConstructionSameHigh School, 1st year9
Maurice Finebergabt 1880RussiaWidowedHead63 Parris   SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Benjamin Finebergabt 1908RussiaWidowedSon63 Parris BarberBarber ShopSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Ida Finebergabt 1911RussiaSingleDaughter63 Parris   SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Hyman Finebergabt 1912MaineSingleSon63 Parris CollectorHome Outfitters CompanySameHigh School, 4th year52
Louis Finebergabt 1913MaineSingleSon63 Parris MusicianDance OrchestraSameHigh School, 4th year52
Samuel Finebergabt 1914MaineSingleSon63 Parris OptometristPrivate PracticeSameHigh School, 4th year0
Alice Finebergabt 1916MaineSingleDaughter63 Parris BookkeeperRetail JewelrySameHigh School, 4th year52
Abraham Fineberg (Ginberg)abt 1920Mainemson134   Elementary School, 6th grade52
David Fineberg (Ginberg)abt 1904LithuaniamHead134Tailor (retired)  Elementary School, 5th grade52
Esther Fineberg (Ginberg)abt 1903Polandfwife134     
Melvin Fineberg (Ginberg)abt 1936Mainemson134     
Gerald Fineberg (Ginberg)abt 1935Mainemson134   Elementary, first grade 
Bessie Finkelmanabt 1886RussiaMarriedWifeSpruce  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Hyman Finkelmanabt 1882RussiaMarriedHeadSpruceBuyerJunkSameElementary school, 6th grade 52
Meyer Finkelmanabt 1916MaineSingleSonSpruceBookkeeperJunkSameCollege, 3rd year39
Sidney P Finkelmanabt 1918MaineSingleSonSpruceProprietorFilling StationSameCollege, 1st year9
Rebecca Finklemanabt 1887Polandmwife14 Oxford St   4th grade 
Morris Finklemanabt 1888Polandmhead14 Oxford StBuyer Sells Junk  4th grade52
Sophia Finklemanabt 1881RussiaMarriedWife180b Newbury Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
David Finklemanabt 1878RussiaMarriedHead180b Newbury StreetProprietorSecond Hand FurnitureSameNone52
Harry Finklemanabt 1914MaineSingleSon180b Newbury Street  SameCollege, 5th or subsequent year0
Mollie Finklemanabt 1916MaineSingleDaughter180b Newbury StreetStenographerRetail Furniture CoSameHigh School, 4th year52
Frances Finklemanabt 1920MaineSingleDaughter180b Newbury StreetStenographerRetail FurnitureSameHigh School, 4th year52
Bella Finklemanabt 1904polandmwife185 Bolton St   8th grade 
John Finkleman (Finkelman)abt 1899Polandmhead185 Bolton StPeddler  HS 2nd year52
Harry Finksabt 1876RussiaWidowedHead18 Casco StreetProprietorShoe RepairSameElementary school, 3rd grade52
Maurice Finksabt 1915MaineSingleSon18 Casco StreetAssistant Shoe RepairSameHigh School, 4th year0
Abraham H Finksabt 1873RussiaMarriedHead18 Casco StreetSuperintendentApartment BldgSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Sarah R Finksabt 1877New YorkMarriedWife18 Casco StreetAsst SuperintendentApartment BldgSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Edward Finksabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead69 Sherman StreetProprietorShoe RepairersSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Ida Finksabt 1888MaineMarriedWife69 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Marsha Finksabt 1918MaineSingleDaughter69 Sherman Street  SameCollege, 3rd year8
Eva Finnabt 1880RussiaMarriedWife57 Beckett Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Nathan Finnabt 1880RussiaMarriedHead57 Beckett StreetProprietorBarrel CoSameElementary school, 5th grade26
Florence Finnabt 1904RussiaSingleDaughter57 Beckett StreetStitcherPants FactorySameElementary school, 8th grade32
Melvin Finnabt 1917RussiaSingleSon57 Beckett StreetSalesmanRetail FurnitureSameCollege, 4th year30
Hyman Finnabt 1881RussiaMarriedHead65 Quebec StreetBarrel DealerBarrels SameElementary school, 8th grade52
Sarah Finnabt 1882RussiaMarriedWife65 Quebec StreetChiropodistPrivate PracticeSameElementary school, 8th grade0
Jack Finnabt 1914MaineSingleSon65 Quebec StreetChiropodistPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 2nd year52
Betty Finnabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter65 Quebec Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Harry Firemanabt 1881RussiaMarriedHead193 Cumberland AveShoe ClerkRet Shoe StoreSameElementary school, 6th grade52
Celia Firemanabt 1881RussiaMarriedWife193 Cumberland Ave  SameHigh School, 3rd year 
Fannie M Firemanabt 1885RussiaMarriedWife61 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Barnett Firemanabt 1881RussiaMarriedHead61 St Lawrence StreetSalesman SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Marcia Firemanabt 1914MaineSingleDaughter61 St Lawrence StreetBookkeeperFuel SameHigh School, 4th year50
Ida Firemanabt 1916MaineSingleDaughter61 St Lawrence StreetStenographerWarehouseSameHigh School, 4th year50
Edith Firemanabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter61 St Lawrence StreetStenographerWBA AdministrationSameHigh School, 4th year50
Louis Fishabt 1891MassachusettsMarriedSon-in-law43 Beckett Street  Long Island City, New York High School, 4th year 52
Tillie Fishabt 1899MaineMarriedDaughter43 Beckett Street  Long Island City, New YorkHigh School, 4th year0
Louis Fishabt 1891MassachusettsMarriedSon-in-law43 Beckett Street   Long Island City, New York High School, 4th year 52
Tillie Fishabt 1899MaineMarriedDaughter43 Beckett Street   Long Island City, New York High School, 4th year0
Tanya V Fossabt 1903RussiaMarriedWife Proper Boston, Suffolk, MassachusettsElementary school, 8th grade0
Ernest L Fossabt 1886MaineMarriedHead ProprietorDrug StoreBoston, Suffolk, MassachusettsElementary school, 8th grade52
Hyman Fragerabt 1905RussiaMarriedHead119 Sherman StreetProprietorAutomotive StoreSameHigh School, 2nd year52
Irene Fragerabt 1908MassachusettsMarriedWife119 Sherman Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Cynthia P Fragerabt 1933MassachusettsSingleDaughter119 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Steven Fragerabt 1938MassachusettsSingleSon119 Sherman Street   None 
Joseph Freedmanabt 1876Polandslodger805Tailor Boston6th grade52
Benjamin Freedmanabt 1891RussiaMarriedHead29 St Lawrence StreetTailorTailor ShopSameElementary school, 8th grade0
Anna Freedmanabt 1900RussiaMarriedWife29 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Herbert Freedmanabt 1924MaineSingleSon29 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Barbara Freedmanabt 1927MaineSingleDaughter29 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Abe Freedmanabt 1896Polandmhead913 Congress StProprieter  3rd grade52
Elizabeth Gellarabt 1894RussiaMarriedWife51 Middle Street  SameNone0
Jacob Gellarabt 1889RussiaMarriedHead51 Middle StreetChauffeur General TravelingOwn BusinessSameNone52
Minna Gellarabt 1918MaineSingleDaughter51 Middle StreetClerkDepartment StoreSameHigh School, 4th year0
Sidney Gellarabt 1923MaineSingleSon51 Middle Street  SameHigh School, 1st year 
Robert Gellerabt 1913Polandsson104 Monument StNorth Cleaner  5th grade52
Harry Gellerabt 1883Polandmhead104 Monument St    52
Sophie Gellerabt 1891Polandmwife104 Monument St     
Louis Gellerabt 1877Polandmhead13 Wilmot StPresser   52
Sophie Gellerabt 1882Polandmwife13 Wilmot StLodginghouse Keeper    
Anna Gerberabt 1891Polandmwife135 Sherman StSales Clerk   52
Herman Gerberabt 1884Polandmhead135 Sherman StInstructor Language   52
Goldy Gerberabt 1880RussiaWidowedHead85 Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Samuel Gerberabt 1913MaineSingleSon85 Cumberland AveFireman Fire DepartmentSameHigh School, 4th year39
Bertha Gerberabt 1912MaineSingleDaughter85 Cumberland AveClerkLife InsuranceSameCollege, 3rd year52
David Gerberabt 1871RussiaMarriedHead99 Monument StreetProprietorJunk BusinessSameHigh School, 1st year52
Fannie Gerberabt 1880RussiaMarriedWife99 Monument Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Sally Gerberabt 1912MaineSingleDaughter99 Monument StreetSalesladyDepartment StoreSameHigh School, 4th year26
Bettie Gerberabt 1913MaineSingleDaughter99 Monument StreetStenographerBar &Restaurant Supply HouseSameHigh School, 4th year39
Frank Gerberabt 1915MaineSingleSon99 Monument StreetJunk HelperJunkSameHigh School, 4th year52
Herbert Gerberabt 1917MaineSingleSon99 Monument StreetNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Shirley Gerberabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter99 Monument StreetLaborerCanning FactorySameHigh School, 4th year39
Phillip Geronabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead93 Federal StreetPresserRetail Clothing StoreSameHigh School, 4th year44
Bella Geronabt 1889LatviaMarriedWife93 Federal Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Morris Gerrish abt 1880Polandmhead19 Whitney St.Proprieter  8th grade52
Itta (Maria) Gerrish (Cerrish)abt 1886 (1883)Polandmwife19 Whitney St.   8th grade52
Carl Ginsbergabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead32 Summer StreetGrocer ProprietorRetail Grocery StoreSameElementary school, 4th grade52
Lena Ginsbergabt 1886RussiaMarriedWife32 Summer Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Marcia Ginsbergabt 1907MaineSingleDaughter32 Summer StreetBookkeeperRetail Furniture StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Sidney Ginsbergabt 1919MaineSingleSon32 Summer StreetBookkeeperShoe Mfg. FactorySameHigh School, 4th year2
Saul Ginsbergabt 1920MaineSingleSon32 Summer Street  SameCollege, 1st year0
Morris Ginsbergabt 1924MaineSingleSon32 Summer Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Samuel Gitlinabt 1879RussiaMarriedHead188 Newbury StreetFinisherRetail FurnitureSameNone52
Lillian Gitlinabt 1891MaineMarriedWife188 Newbury Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Harriet Gitlinabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter188 Newbury Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Myer Glazierabt 1896RussiaMarriedHead77 St Lawrence StreetTruck DriverTransportation SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Ida R Glazierabt 1899RussiaMarriedWife77 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Charles B Glazierabt 1922MaineSingleSon77 St Lawrence StreetMoulderN Y ASameElementary school, 8th grade0
Phillis E Glazierabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter77 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Evelyn M Glazierabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter77 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Joseph H Glazierabt 1928MaineSingleSon77 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Ann M Glazierabt 1932MaineSingleDaughter77 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade 
Allen Glazierabt 1934MaineSingleSon77 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Sarah Glenabt 1898RussiaSingleDaughter35 MelbourneSalesladyLadies ClothesSameHigh School, 1st year 
Myer Glenabt 1878RussiaMarriedHead35 MelbourneOwner Retail StoreLadies & Mens ClothingSameElementary school, 6th grade52
Bessie Glenabt 1880RussiaMarriedWife35 Melbourne  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Etta Glenabt 1900RussiaSingleDaughter35 Melbourne  SameHigh School, 1st year 
Augustus Glenabt 1906RussiaSingleSon35 MelbourneAttorneyPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 4th year52
Edgar Glenabt 1909RussiaSingleSon35 Melbourne  SameHigh School, 4th year52
Rebecca Glovskyabt 1890RussiaMarriedWife207 Congress Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Jacob Glovskyabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead207 Congress StreetSalesmanPeddlerSameElementary school, 4th grade52
William Glovskyabt 1917MaineSingleSon207 Congress StreetLaborerWholesale ShoeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Rose Glovskyabt 1902RussiaMarriedWife54 North  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Abraham B Glovskyabt 1902MassachusettsMarriedHead54 NorthPeddlerFruit & Veg SameElementary school, 8th grade52
Gladys Glovskyabt 1930MaineSingleDaughter54 North  SameElementary school, 3rd grade 
Leonard E Glovskyabt 1932MaineSingleSon54 North  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Annie Glovskyabt 1891Polandmwife64 Myrtle St   8th grade 
Israel Glovskyabt 1890Polandmhead64 Myrtle StJunk Dealer  4th grade52
Bessie Glovskyabt 1902RussiaMarriedWife87 Beckett Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Benjamin C Glovskyabt 1902MassachusettsMarriedHead87 Beckett StreetCollector CityCollection AgencySameHigh School, 2nd year52
Lillian Glovskyabt 1920MassachusettsSingleDaughter87 Beckett Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Norman Glovskyabt 1933MaineSingleSon87 Beckett Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade0
Dorothy Glovskyabt 1935MaineSingleDaughter87 Beckett Street  SameNone0
Ida Glovskyabt 1883RussiaWidowedHead96 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Morris Glovskyabt 1900MaineSingleSon96 St Lawrence StreetPeddlerFruitSameHigh School, 4th year52
Harry Glovskyabt 1902MaineSingleSon96 St Lawrence StreetPeddlerFruitSameHigh School, 4th year52
Pearl Glovskyabt 1909MaineSingleDaughter96 St Lawrence StreetNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Jennie Glovskyabt 1916MaineSingleDaughter96 St Lawrence StreetNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Phillip Goldabt 1885RussiaMarriedHead39 KelloggJunk ManJunkSameNone0
Minnie Goldabt 1885RussiaMarriedWife39 Kellogg  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Sylvia Goldabt 1912MassachusettsSingleDaughter39 KelloggBookkeeperRetail StoreSameCollege, 2nd year52
Edward Goldabt 1914MaineSingleSon39 KelloggLawyerPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 2nd year52
Nathan E Goldabt 1912RussiaMarriedHead401 Stevens AveTrumpet Player MusicianOrchestraSameHigh School, 4th year52
Florence G Goldabt 1913MaineMarriedWife401 Stevens AveTypistWholesale Tackle EquipmentSameHigh School, 4th year9
Robert J Goldabt 1932MaineSingleSon401 Stevens Ave  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Aaron H Goldbattabt 1922MainemSon79 India St   HS 3rd year52
George Goldbergabt 1889RussiaMarriedHead123 Coyle StreetDentistDentistrySameCollege, 4th year52
Tena Goldbergabt 1893MaineMarriedWife123 Coyle Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Bernard Goldbergabt 1920MaineSingleSon123 Coyle StreetNew Worker SameCollege, 1st year 
Lester Goldbergabt 1922MaineSingleSon123 Coyle Street  SameHigh School, 4th year 
Isabel Goldbergabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter123 Coyle Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year 
Eleanor Goldbergabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter123 Coyle Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade 
Max Goldbergabt 1868RussiaWidowedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Louis Goldbergabt 1877RussiaMarriedHead73 St Lawrence StreetTailorMens Clothes SameElementary school, 8th grade50
Frances Goldbergabt 1890MassachusettsMarriedWife73 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Charles Goldbergabt 1914MassachusettsSingleStepsonMonument StreetSalesmanRetail FruitSameHigh School, 4th year52
Jacob H Goldblattabt 1896MainemHead11Clerk  High School, 1st year52
Betty Goldblattabt 1910Polandrwife11   HS 2nd year 
Marvin B Goldblattabt 1937Mainemson11     
Grera R Goldblattabt 1932Mainefdaughter11   Elementary School, 2nd grade 
Morris H Goldblattabt 1897Mainembrother79 India StJeweler- repair work  8th grad 52
Samuel Goldblattabt 1891MainemHead79 India StLaborerin government work 8th grade2
Emma Goldblattabt 1901Lithuaniamwife79 India StOperator machine  7th grade52
Adele Goldblattabt 1929Mainefdaughter79 India St   5th grade 
Freda S Goldblattabt 1931Mainefdaughter79 India St   3rd grade 
Ada Goldblattabt 1864Lithuaniawmother79 India St   4th grade 
Nattie Goldenmunabt 1863RussiaWidowedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Frances Goldfantabt 1905Polandmwife134 Neal St   8th grade 
Samuel Goldfantabt 1904Polandmhead134 Neal StOperator Motion Picture  HS 1st year52
Isaac Goldingabt 1892RussiaMarriedHead55BarberOwn ShopSameNone52
Sarah Goldingabt 1894RussiaMarriedWife55ProprietorRetail Cosmetic ShopSameNone52
Melvin Goldingabt 1915MaineSingleSon55ManagerRetail Cosmetic ShopSameCollege, 3rd year52
Marion Goldingabt 1919MaineSingleDaughter55Sales GirlRetail Cosmetic ShopSameHigh School, 4th year52
Sarah Goldingabt 1870RussiaWidowedMother54 Grant  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Eli Goldmanabt 1896MassachusettsSingleBrother-in-law112 Park AvenueCutterDress FactorySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Minnie Goldmanabt 1905MaineWidowedHead59 Grant Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Edward H Goldmanabt 1938MaineSingleSon59 Grant Street   None 
Aaron Goldmanabt 1887RussiaMarriedHeadVesper StreetBuyerJunkSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Rose Goldmanabt 1890RussiaMarriedWifeVesper Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Philip H Goldmanabt 1930MaineSingleSonVesper Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Fannie Goldsteinabt 1882RussiaWidowedHead150 Newbury Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Jacob Goldsteinabt 1904MaineSingleSon150 Newbury StreetChaufferRetail Coal DealerSameElementary school, 8th grade20
Maurice Goldsteinabt 1907MaineSingleSon150 Newbury StreetChaufferPrivate FamilySameHigh School, 2nd year28
Harry Goldsteinabt 1911MaineSingleSon150 Newbury StreetCollectorRetail Furniture StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade52
David Goldsteinabt 1914MaineSingleSon150 Newbury StreetPrinterPrinters ShopSameHigh School, 4th year44
Louis Goldsteinabt 1892Polandmhead359 Deering AveBuyer  7th grade52
Samuel Goldsteinabt 1921MaineSingleStepbrotherChadwick Street  SameCollege, 1st year20
Joseph Golodetzabt 1911RussiaMarriedSon12 Washburn AveMusicianOrchestraSameHigh School, 4th year26
Soloman Golodetzabt 1882RussiaMarriedHead12 Washburn AveDentistPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 4th year52
Gitta Golodetzabt 1883RussiaMarriedWife12 Washburn Ave  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Maurice Golodetzabt 1914RussiaSingleSon12 Washburn AveClerkClothing MfgSameHigh School, 4th year52
Ina Golodetzabt 1932RussiaSingleDaughter156 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade 
Leo Golodetzabt 1894RussiaMarriedHead156 Dartmouth StreetProprietorManufacturing Men's PantsSameHigh School, 2nd year52
Gitelle Golodetzabt 1902RussiaMarriedWife156 Dartmouth Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Eugene Golodetzabt 1931RussiaSingleSon156 Dartmouth Street  SameElementary school, 3rd grade 
Edwin [Edward] Golodetzabt 1934RussiaSingleSon156 Dartmouth Street  SameNone 
Abraham Goodsideabt 1878RussiaMarriedHeadHigh StreetProprietorReal Estate AgencySameHigh School, 4th year52
Jane Goodsideabt 1878MaineMarriedWifeHigh Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Charles J Gordonabt 1897RussiaSingleLodger237 Valley StreetRepairmanRailroad Steam CarsSameElementary school, 4th grade6
Rose Gordonabt 1878RussiaWidowedHead85 Market Street  SameNone0
Gertrude Gordonabt 1896PolandmheadMonument StHousework  4th grade 
Lewis Gordonabt 1894RussiaMarriedHeadMonument StreetProprietorRetail FruitSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Gertrude Gordonabt 1896PolandMarriedWifeMonument Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Amy Greenabt 1895MassachusettsMarriedWife247 Congress Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Jacob Green abt 1888RussiaMarriedHead247 Congress StreetSalesmanWholesale PantsSameElementary school, 6th grade0
Anna Greenbergabt 1899RussiaMarriedWife85 Market Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Morris Greenbergabt 1880RussiaMarriedHead85 Market StreetProprietorGeneral StoreSameElementary school, 4th grade52
A A Greenburgabt 1874RussiaMarriedHead59 Atlantic StreetStore KeeperMens FurnishingsSameElementary school, 8th grade0
Ann Greenburgabt 1880RussiaMarriedWife59 Atlantic Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Rose Greenburgabt 1905MaineSingleDaughter59 Atlantic StreetStenographerChamber of ComSameHigh School, 4th year52
Carl Greenburgabt 1906MaineSingleSon59 Atlantic StreetClerkShoe StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Leo J Greenburgabt 1908MaineSingleSon59 Atlantic StreetClerkClothing StoreSameHigh School, 1st year52
Rubin D Greenburgabt 1911MaineSingleSon59 Atlantic StreetClerkClothing StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Samuel Greenburgabt 1921MaineSingleSon59 Atlantic Street  SameCollege, 2nd year0
Frank Greeneabt 1893RussiaMarriedHead60 Noyes StreetPresidentWholesale Tea CompanySameHigh School, 4th year52
Rebecca Greeneabt 1890Canada EnglishMarriedWife60 Noyes Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Ruth F Greeneabt 1922MassachusettsSingleDaughter60 Noyes Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Ethel J Greeneabt 1927MassachusettsSingleDaughter60 Noyes Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
William Greenwaldabt 1872RussiaMarriedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Rose Greenwaldabt 1878RussiaMarriedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Jennie Grinker [Grinkes]abt 1903RussiaMarriedWifeVesper Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
B Louis Grinker [Grinkes]abt 1900EnglandMarriedHeadVesper StreetMail CarrierMailSameHigh School, 2nd year52
E Elaine Grinker [Grinkes]abt 1927MaineSingleDaughterVesper Street   Elementary school, 7th grade0
Ida B Grossabt 1894RussiaMarriedWife45 Quebec  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
George Grossabt 1895MassachusettsMarriedHead45 QuebecBuyer Of JunkRags, Metals BrokerSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Marian E Grossabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter45 Quebec  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Fannie F Grosshouseabt 1882RussiaWidowedHead26 Union  SameNone0
Arthur Grossmanabt 1891Polandmhead17 Quincy StManager  6th grade52
Sidney Grunbergabt 1915Polandmhead259 Brackett StCollector  HS 4th year52
Phineas Grunesabt 1892RussiaMarriedHead64 MontrealRetail SalesmanRetail ClothingSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Tobey Grunesabt 1873RussiaWidowedMother64 Montreal  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Regina Grunesabt 1895LatviaMarriedWife64 Montreal  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Sampson Grunesabt 1922MaineSingleSon64 Montreal  Same 0
Julius Grunesabt 1925MaineSingleSon64 Montreal  Same 0
Irving Grunesabt 1928MaineSingleSon64 Montreal  Same  
Anne M Grunesabt 1933MaineSingleDaughter64 Montreal  Same  
Harold L Grunesabt 1939MaineSingleSon64 Montreal   None 
Regina Grunesabt 1895Latviamwife64 Montreal St   8th grade 
Ester Hechtabt 1877RussiaMarriedWife122 Federal Street  SameNone0
Nyer Hechtabt 1875RussiaMarriedHead122 Federal StreetProprietorRepairing FurnitureSameNone52
Rose Hechtabt 1914MassachusettsSingleDaughter122 Federal StreetStenographerOfficeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Morman Hechtabt 1886RussiaMarriedFatherCushman StreetUpholstererWholesale Furniture CompanySameNone0
Rose Hechtabt 1891RussiaMarriedMotherCushman Street  SameNone0
Sheila Hechtabt 1921MaineSingleSisterCushman Street  Same Elementary school, 8th grade 0
Rebecca Hellesfontabt 1883RussiaMarriedMother-in-law76 Spruce Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Louis Hellesfontabt 1879RussiaMarriedFather-in-law76 Spruce Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Jeanette Hellesfontabt 1911MaineSingleSister-in-law76 Spruce Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
E Irving Hellesfontabt 1913MaineSingleBrother-in-law76 Spruce StreetSalesmanUsed Car CompanySameHigh School, 3rd year52
Alfred Hermanabt 1895RussiaMarriedHead30 Lewis StreetSalesmanBurlap BagsSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Florence D Hermanabt 1895LatviaMarriedWife30 Lewis Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Donald Hermanabt 1922MaineSingleSon30 Lewis StreetOffice Boy SameHigh School, 4th year22
Fannie Hermanabt 1887RussiaMarriedWife72 Robert Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Irving Hermanabt 1920MaineSingleSon72 Robert StreetSalesmanW-R Grain & FeedSameCollege, 1st year52
Florence Herman (Katon)abt 1895Latviamwife30 Lewis St   HS 2nd year 
Alexander Hidich (Hidish)abt 1911Polandmhead36Baker  5th grade52
Joseph M Hirshonabt 1884RussiaMarriedHead55 St Lawrence StreetWatchmakerWatchesSameElementary school, 8th grade0
Julia K Hirshonabt 1885RussiaMarriedWife55 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Howard Hirshonabt 1908MassachusettsSingleSon55 St Lawrence StreetPrinterPrint ShopSameHigh School, 3rd year0
Fannie Hoffmanabt 1887RussiaWidowedDaughterWashington AvenueProprietorRetail Dress ShopSameElementary school, 6th grade42
Fannie Hoffmanabt 1887RussiaWidowedDaughterWashington AvenueProprietorRetail Dress ShopSameElementary school, 6th grade42
Rose B Horowitzabt 1902RussiaMarriedGuest ForeladyDress ManufacturersNew York, New YorkElementary school, 8th grade0
Sadie Horwich [Horawich}abt 1896RussiaMarriedWife169 Oxford Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Oscar Horwich [Horawich}abt 1892Canada EnglishMarriedHead169 Oxford StreetOwnerRetail Drug StoreSameElementary school, 6th grade50
Samuel Horwich [Horawich}abt 1915MaineSingleSon169 Oxford StreetClerkRetail Drug StoreSameCollege, 4th year52
Tina Horwich [Horawich}abt 1917MaineSingleDaughter169 Oxford StreetSecretaryRetail Furniture StoreSameCollege, 3rd year34
Ida Horwich [Horawich}abt 1918MaineSingleDaughter169 Oxford StreetClerkRetail Drug StoreSameHigh School, 4th year0
Lillian Horwich [Horawich}abt 1920MaineSingleDaughter169 Oxford StreetOffice WorkWholesale Hardware StoreSameHigh School, 4th year0
George A Hugoabt 1917RussiaSingleSon222 Eastern PromenadeWelderCopperSameHigh School, 4th year52
Morris Hugoabt 1889RussiaMarriedHead222 Eastern PromenadeCoppersmithCopperSameElementary school, 7th grade52
Esther Hugoabt 1896RussiaMarriedWife222 Eastern Promenade  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Harmon M Hugoabt 1916RussiaSingleSon222 Eastern PromenadeSalesman Traveling SameHigh School, 4th year52
Evelyn S Hugoabt 1919RussiaSingleDaughter222 Eastern PromenadeBookkeeperLawyer SameHigh School, 4th year52
Frank D Hugoabt 1922RussiaSingleSon222 Eastern PromenadeWelderCopperSameHigh School, 4th year52
Harold R Hugoabt 1929RussiaSingleSon222 Eastern Promenade  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Sarah Isenmanabt 1888Polandmwife17 Wilmot St     
John Isenmanabt 1904Polandsson17 Wilmot St   8th grade 
Abraham Isenmanabt 1885Polandmhead17 Wilmot StClerk Retail   52
Mona Israelsonabt 1915RussiaMarriedWife104 India Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Sidney Israelsonabt 1916MaineMarriedHead104 India StreetClerkGrocery StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Allan Israelsonabt 1939MaineSingleSon104 India Street   None 
[InfantChildOfMonaAndSidney] Israelsonabt 1940MaineSingleSon104 India Street   None 
William Israelsonabt 1906RussiaMarriedBoarder33 Myrtle StreetWholesale Fruit Dealer SameElementary school, 8th grade52
Blanche Israelsonabt 1906RussiaMarriedHead81 Federal StreetSale Lady Red DressesDress FactorySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Albert Israelsonabt 1924MaineSingleSon81 Federal Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Leon Israelsonabt 1926MaineSingleSon81 Federal Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Philip Israelsonabt 1892RussiaMarriedHeadOxford StreetSalesmanWholesale Bulb CompanySameElementary school, 5th grade52
Rebecca Israelsonabt 1896EnglandMarriedWifeOxford Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Byron Israelsonabt 1923MaineSingleSonOxford Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Ilene Israelsonabt 1926MaineSingleDaughterOxford Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Pesach Jabachnickabt 1862RussiaWidowedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Rose Jacobsonabt 1888RussiaMarriedWife73 Mountfort Street  SameNone0
George Jacobsonabt 1888GermanyMarriedHead73 Mountfort StreetSalesman SameElementary school, 5th grade52
Payson Jacobsonabt 1918MassachusettsSingleSon73 Mountfort Street  SameCollege, 3rd year0
Sidney Jacobsonabt 1921MassachusettsSingleSon73 Mountfort Street  SameCollege, 1st year0
Mitchell Jacobsonabt 1925MassachusettsSingleSon73 Mountfort Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Anna Jacobsonabt 1902RussiaWidowedHeadEastern Promenade  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Irene S Jacobsonabt 1925MaineSingleDaughterEastern Promenade  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Edward Jaffeabt 1897RussiaMarriedHead60 Pleasant AveEmployee ProprietorRoofing ContractorSameElementary school, 8th grade50
Anne S Jaffeabt 1906PennsylvaniaMarriedWife60 Pleasant Ave  Same High School, 4th year 0
Wallace Jaffeabt 1926PennsylvaniaSingleSon60 Pleasant Ave  SameElementary school, 8th grade 
Milton Jaffeabt 1933PennsylvaniaSingleSon60 Pleasant Ave  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Myer Jordonabt 1901Polandmhead64 Exety StProprieter  HS 3rd year52
Goldie Judelshonabt 1899RussiaMarriedWife53 Franklin Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Joseph Judelshonabt 1885MaineMarriedHead53 Franklin StreetShipperOverall FactorySameElementary school, 4th grade52
Charlotte Judelshonabt 1931MaineSingleDaughter53 Franklin Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Jacob Judelsonabt 1850RussiaMarriedHead9 Willis  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Leah A Judelsonabt 1882MaineSingleDaughter9 Willis  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
H Joseph Judelsonabt 1885MaineSingleSon9 WillisCheckerOverall Manufacturing CoSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Harry Judelsonabt 1895MaineSingleSon9 WillisAttorneyPrivate PracticeSameCollege, 4th year52
Birdie S Judelsonabt 1901MaineSingleDaughter9 WillisTeacher SameCollege, 3rd year52
Frances Kaatzabt 1898RussiaMarriedWife83 Vesper Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Alexander Kaatzabt 1895RussiaMarriedHead83 Vesper StreetAgentPaintsSameElementary school, 7th grade52
James Kaatzabt 1918MassachusettsSingleSon83 Vesper StreetClerkPaint StoreSameHigh School, 3rd year52
Leah Kaatzabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter83 Vesper Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Miriam Kaatzabt 1927MaineSingleDaughter83 Vesper Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Michel Kallinichabt 1894Polandmhead58 Clark StDishwasher   9
Sophia Kallinichabt 1894Polandmwife58 Clark StHousekeeper  3rd grade13
Henry Kantz (Kautz)abt 1881RussiaSingleLodger59 Grant StreetWatchmanCan CompanyNew York, King, New YorkCollege, 4th year16
Lena Kaplanabt 1874RussiaMarriedWife1 Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Louis Kaplanabt 1869RussiaMarriedHead1 Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Flora Kaplanabt 1902RussiaSingleDaughter1 Cumberland AveStenographer-Elec SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Frances Kaplanabt 1911IllinoisSingleDaughter1 Cumberland AvePhoto ColorerPhotographySameCollege, 2nd year12
Max Kaplanabt 1899RussiaMarriedHead148 NoyesManagerWholesale Furniture SameElementary school, 8th grade52
Ethel Kaplanabt 1899MaineMarriedWife148 Noyes  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Donald Kaplanabt 1918MaineSingleSon148 NoyesSalesmanRetail Drug StoreSameHigh School, 4th year0
Irwin Kaplanabt 1924MaineSingleSon148 Noyes  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Eleanor Kaplanabt 1935MaineSingleDaughter148 Noyes  SameNone 
Barney Kaplanabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead159 GrantProprietorRetail Tire StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Louise A Kaplanabt 1901MaineMarriedWife159 Grant  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Shirley Kaplanabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter159 Grant  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Mary Kaplanabt 1910RussiaSingleDaughter167 Oxford StreetStenographerBusiness OfficeSameHigh School, 4th year0
Tobie Kaplanabt 1890RussiaWidowedHead167 Oxford Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Betty Kaplanabt 1911RussiaSingleDaughter167 Oxford StreetStenographerTheater Same High School, 4th year 0
Rose Kaplanabt 1913MassachusettsSingleDaughter167 Oxford StreetStenographerLaw OfficeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Louie L Kaplanabt 1896RussiaMarriedHead59 St Lawrence StreetGrocerRetail GrocerySameElementary school, 8th grade0
Fannie Kaplanabt 1895RussiaMarriedWife59 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Sylvia Kaplanabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter59 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Mildred Kaplanabt 1927MaineSingleDaughter59 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade 
Shirley Kaplanabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter59 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Milton Kaplanabt 1931MaineSingleSon59 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Albert Karlikabt 1910PolandmheadState StSalesman  HS 4th year52
Myer Karlinabt 1881RussiaMarriedHead26 NorthProprietorClothing MerchantSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Fannie Karlinabt 1888RussiaMarriedWife26 North  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Harold Karlinabt 1920MaineSingleSon26 NorthRetail SalesmanRetail ClothingSameHigh School, 4th year26
Charlotte J Karlinabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter26 North  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Rose Karlinabt 1893RussiaMarriedWife46 Vesper Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Aaron A Karlinabt 1889RussiaMarriedHead46 Vesper StreetAgentLife InsuranceSame Elementary school, 7th grade 52
Maurice Karlinabt 1913MaineSingleSon46 Vesper StreetAgentInsuranceSame High School, 4th year 52
Esther Karlinabt 1915MaineSingleDaughter46 Vesper StreetSalesgirlRetail Drug Co SameHigh School, 4th year52
Ruth Karlinabt 1917MaineSingleDaughter46 Vesper StreetSalesgirlRetail Women's Clothing?Same High School, 4th year 52
Reuben Karlinabt 1919MaineSingleSon46 Vesper StreetStock BoyAutomobileSame College, 2nd year 52
Samuel Karlinabt 1923MaineSingleSon46 Vesper Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Shirley Karlinabt 1930MaineSingleDaughter46 Vesper Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Harry Katonabt 1853RussiaWidowedFather-in-law30 Lewis Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Alfred Katzabt 1887RussiaSingleHead83 Lancaster Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Nathan Kauffmanabt 1883RussiaMarriedHead108 Sherman StreetProprietorBottle Cap CompanySameElementary school, 8th grade52
Anne O Kauffmanabt 1887RussiaMarriedWife108 Sherman Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Henry Kautzabt 1881RussiaSingleLodger59 Grant StreetWatchmanCan CoNew York, King, New YorkCollege, 4th year16
Max Kestorabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead129 Morning StreetManager-OwnerGarageSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Sarah Kestorabt 1899RussiaMarriedWife129 Morning Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
David Kestorabt 1920MaineSingleSon129 Morning Street  SameCollege, 2nd year0
I Sylvia Kestorabt 1922MaineSingleDaughter129 Morning Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
M Evelyn Kestorabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter129 Morning Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Muriel Kestorabt 1930MaineSingleDaughter129 Morning Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Eli Klamenabt 1892Lithuaniamhead114 Park AveProprieter  8th grade52
Fanny Klamenabt 1890Lithuaniamwife114 Park Ave   8th grade 
William Klonbergabt 1857RussiaWidowedBoarder158 North Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Fanny Kodisabt 1866Polandmwife104 Monument St     
Harris Kodisabt 1862Polandmhead104 Monument St     
Alice E Kodisabt 1896RussiaMarriedWife22 Howard Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Isaac Kodisabt 1894EnglandMarriedHead22 Howard StreetCabinet MakerMill - LumberSameElementary school, 5th grade52
Ralph Kodisabt 1918MaineMarriedSon22 Howard Street  SameCollege, 4th year0
Sidney C Kodisabt 1922MaineSingleDaughter22 Howard StreetNewsboy-DeliveryNewspaperSameHigh School, 4th year52
Mark Milton Kodisabt 1923MaineSingleSon22 Howard StreetErrand-BoyHaberdasherySameHigh School, 3rd year52
Muriel R Kodisabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter22 Howard Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Ruth Komanabt 1898RussiaMarriedWife   SameHigh School, 4th year0
Samuel Komanabt 1896RussiaMarriedHead ProprietorRetail GrocerySameCollege, 4th year52
Miriam F Komanabt 1925Washington, District of ColumbiaSingleDaughter   SameHigh School, 1st year0
Robert Komanabt 1927New YorkSingleSon   SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Arthur Komanabt 1935MaineSingleSon   SameNone 
Lillian Kootzabt 1904RussiaMarriedWife24 Vesper Street  SameNone0
Charles Kootzabt 1899RussiaMarriedHead24 Vesper StreetProprietorPaintingSameNone52
Leah A Kootzabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter24 Vesper Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Charlotte Kootzabt 1928MaineSingleDaughter24 Vesper Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Cynthia Kootzabt 1934MaineSingleDaughter24 Vesper Street   None 
Anna M Kornetskyabt 1919MassachusettsSingleNiece110 Park AvenueSecretaryDoctor's OfficeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Alec Kornetskyabt 1887RussiaWidowedLodger210 HighStitcherShoe FactorySameElementary school, 5th grade52
Daniel Kornetskyabt 1916MaineSingleLodger210 HighOptometristPrivate PracticeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Conant Kornetsky (Boinetsky)abt 1926MaineSingleNephewHigh Aven  SameElementary school, 8th grade 
Michael Koven (Koren)abt 1895Polandslodger34 Franklin StWoodsman  4th grade18
Jacob Kovenskyabt 1875RussiaMarriedHead26 Hampshire Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade0
Annie Kovenskyabt 1877RussiaMarriedWife26 Hampshire Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade 
Hyman Kovenskyabt 1915MaineSingleSon26 Hampshire StreetFruit PeddlerFruit. Own BusinessSameHigh School, 4th year40
Louis Kovenskyabt 1920MaineSingleSon26 Hampshire StreetFruit PeddlerFruit. Own BusinessSameHigh School, 4th year40
L Abraham Kramerabt 1900RussiaMarriedHead168 E PromandeTraveling SalesmanMeats RetailSameHigh School, 4th year52
Gertrude Kramerabt 1901MaineMarriedWife168 E Promande  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Faye Lorna Kramerabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter168 E Promande  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Henry Kurtenks (Kurtenko)abt 1893Polandmhead75 Forest AveKitchenwork  3rd grade52
David Kymanabt 1882Polandslodger38 Shepley StPeddler  5th grade42
Mildred Lamperabt 1900RussiaMarriedWife119Sales ClerkRetail Grocery StoreSameHigh School, 2nd year52
Abraham Lamperabt 1890RussiaMarriedHead119OwnerRetail Grocery StoreSameHigh School, 4th year52
Fannie Lamportabt 1894EnglandMarriedWife149 Cumberland Ave  SameNone0
Joseph Lamportabt 1919MaineSingleSon149 Cumberland AveProprietorRetail Oil ServiceSameHigh School, 4th year52
Rhoda Lamportabt 1927MaineSingleDaughter149 Cumberland Ave  SameElementary school, 7th grade 
Jacob S Lamportabt 1892RussiaMarriedHead149 Smith StreetProprietorRetail Ice CompanySameNone52
Joseph Laneabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead74 Gray Street Retail Grocery StoreSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Ida Laneabt 1888RussiaMarriedWife74 Gray Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Charlotte Laneabt 1910MaineSingleDaughter74 Gray StreetStenographerLawyer's OfficeSameHigh School, 4th year52
Louis Laneabt 1912MaineSingleSon74 Gray StreetSalesmanRetail AutoSameHigh School, 4th year26
Doris Laneabt 1914MaineSingleDaughter74 Gray StreetOffice ClerkWholesale Grocery WarehouseSameHigh School, 4th year0
Beatrice Laneabt 1922MaineSingleDaughter74 Gray StreetNew Worker SameHigh School, 4th year0
Ela Laneabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter74 Gray Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Fannie Laneabt 1891RussiaMarriedWife96 Federal Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade0
George Laneabt 1882RussiaMarriedHead96 Federal StreetLaborerJunk ShopSameElementary school, 3rd grade0
Paul Laneabt 1916MaineSingleSon96 Federal StreetAthletic DirectorN.Y.A.SameElementary school, 7th grade52
Bert [Berl] Laneabt 1915MaineSingleSon96 Federal StreetClerkCigar StoreSameElementary school, 7th grade12
Morris Laneabt 1923MaineSingleSon96 Federal Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Pauline Laneabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter96 Federal Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Abraham Lappin [Lappen]abt 1888Polandshead19 Adams StPeddler  1st grade15
Joseph W Larkinabt 1893RussiaMarriedHead40 EmersonCommercial TravelerManufacturers Work ClothesSameHigh School, 1st year52
Betty Larkinabt 1896MassachusettsMarriedWife40 Emerson  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Harold P Larkinabt 1918MassachusettsSingleSon40 Emerson  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Allen B Larkinabt 1922MassachusettsSingleSon40 Emerson  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Max Lattinabt 1867RussiaWidowedLodger108 Federal StreetTailor SameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Fannie Lazorovitchabt 1882RussiaMarriedWife57 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Abraham Lazorovitchabt 1880RussiaMarriedHead57 St Lawrence StreetSalesmanReal Estate SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Lillian Lazorovitchabt 1908MaineSingleDaughter57 St Lawrence StreetStenographerTypingSameHigh School, 4th year45
Robert H Lazorovitchabt 1925MaineSingleSon57 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Anna Leavittabt 1880Polandwlodger130 Franklin StClerk   52
Louis Lebovitzabt 1875RussiaMarriedHead119 Grant StreetDealerJunkSameNone52
Bessie Lebovitzabt 1885RussiaMarriedWife119 Grant Street  SameNone0
Harold Lebovitzabt 1913MassachusettsMarriedSon119 Grant StreetCollectorFurniture Retail CoSameCollege, 1st year52
Lillian Lebovitzabt 1914MaineMarriedDaughter-in-law119 Grant Street  SameHigh School, 4th year 
Broda M Lebovitzabt 1930PennsylvaniaSingleGranddaughter119 Grant Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Ernest Lebovitzabt 1935MaineSingleGrandson119 Grant Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade0
Nathan Lebovitzabt 1894Lithuaniamhead140 Grant St   3rd grade52
Dora Lebovitzabt 1895Lithuaniamwife140 Grant St   HS 4th year 
Philip Lehrmanabt 1888RussiaMarriedHead57 Grant StreetManager PartnerRetail Shoe CoSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Ida Lehrmanabt 1898RussiaMarriedWife57 Grant Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Maurice Lehrmanabt 1926MassachusettsSingleSon57 Grant Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Ella Lehrmanabt 1930MassachusettsSingleDaughter57 Grant Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Max Lehrmanabt 1883LatviamheadChadwick StForeman-Stitcher BostonHS 1st year51
Fanny Lehrmanabt 1888LatviamwifeChadwick St  BostonHS 2nd year 
Alexander M Lehrmanabt 1892RussiaMarriedHeadChadwick StreetPresidentShoe FactoryBoston, Suffolk, MassachusettsHigh School, 2nd year52
Rebecca W Lehrmanabt 1891RussiaMarriedWifeChadwick Street  Boston, Suffolk, MassachusettsElementary school, 8th grade0
Harold B Lehrmanabt 1919MassachusettsSingleSonChadwick StreetBookkeeperShoe FactoryBoston, Suffolk, MassachusettsCollege, 4th year12
Melvin L Lehrmanabt 1924MassachusettsSingleSonChadwick Street  Boston, Suffolk, MassachusettsHigh School, 3rd year0
Rebecca Lepoffabt 1897RussiaMarriedWifeKellogg StreetSeamstressTailor ShopSameElementary school, 3rd grade40
Samuel Lepoffabt 1897RussiaMarriedHeadKellogg StreetSalesmanFurnitureSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Bernard Lepoffabt 1922MaineSingleSonKellogg StreetSalesmanPawn ShopSameHigh School, 4th year21
Jacob Lepoffabt 1924MaineSingleSonKellogg Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Morris Lermanabt 1897Polandmhead39 Neal StBuyerScrap metal junk   
Helen Lermanabt 1897Polandmwife39 Neal St     
Barbara Lermanabt 1937Mainefdaughter42 Hampshire St     
Paul Lermanabt 1913MainemHead42 Hampshire StJunk peddler  8th grade52
Ruth Lermanabt 1936Mainefdaughter42 Hampshire St     
Sarah Lermanabt 1914Polandfwife42 Hampshire StBookkeeper  HS 4th year52
David Lermanabt 1838RussiaWidowedFather-in-law45 ChestnutPeddlerJunkSameNone52
Celia Lermanabt 1898RussiaWidowedHead50 Mayo Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Ruth R Lermanabt 1921MaineSingleDaughter50 Mayo StreetBookkeeperLocal Copper WorksSameHigh School, 4th year0
Eleanor B Lermanabt 1925MaineSingleDaughter50 Mayo Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Max Lermanabt 1927MaineSingleSon50 Mayo Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Dorothy Lermanabt 1929MaineSingleDaughter50 Mayo Street  SameElementary school, 5th grade 
Shirley L Lermanabt 1930MaineSingleDaughter50 Mayo Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade 
Melvin Lermanabt 1933MaineSingleSon50 Mayo Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade 
Barbara C Lermanabt 1936MaineSingleDaughter50 Mayo Street   None 
Elaine Lermanabt 1940MaineSingleDaughter50 Mayo Street   None 
Samuel Lermanabt 1894RussiaMarriedHead64 Kellogg StreetPeddlerJunkSameElementary school, 1st grade52
Dora Lermanabt 1894New YorkMarriedWife64 Kellogg Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Pauline Lermanabt 1920MaineSingleDaughter64 Kellogg StreetInspectorClothingSameHigh School, 4th year26
Ruth Lermanabt 1923MaineSingleDaughter64 Kellogg Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Gloria Lermanabt 1928MaineSingleDaughter64 Kellogg Street  SameElementary school, 7th grade0
Homer Lermanabt 1931MaineSingleSon64 Kellogg Street  SameElementary school, 2nd grade0
Stanley Lermanabt 1935MaineSingleSon64 Kellogg Street  SameElementary school, 1st grade0
Arlene Lermanabt 1937MaineSingleDaughter64 Kellogg Street   None0
Pauline Lermanabt 1905RussiaMarriedWife85 Market Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Frank Lermanabt 1905MaineMarriedHead85 Market StreetSalesmanRetail - Second FurnitureSameElementary school, 8th grade52
Miriam [May] Lermanabt 1899RussiaMarriedWife87 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Myer Lermanabt 1898RussiaMarriedHead87 St Lawrence StreetProprietorFurnitureSameHigh School, 4th year52
Frances Lermanabt 1924MaineSingleDaughter87 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 3rd year0
Reva Lermanabt 1926MaineSingleDaughter87 St Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 1st year0
Joseph Lermanabt 1929MaineSingleSon87 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 6th grade0
Helen Lermanabt 1931MaineSingleDaughter87 St Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 4th grade0
Russell Lermanabt 1937MaineSingleSon87 St Lawrence Street   None0
Lewis Lermanabt 1883Polandwhead94 Congress StProprieter   52
Tihie (Tibie) Lermanabt 1889Polandmwife96 Federal St     
Hyman Lermanabt 1888Polandmhead96 Federal StJunk peddler  1st grade50
Louis Lermanabt 1888RussiaMarriedHeadHighManagerJunk ShopSameNone52
Mary Lermanabt 1893RussiaMarriedWifeHigh  SameNone0
Becky Lermanabt 1916MaineSingleDaughterHigh  SameHigh School, 4th year0
Harry Lermanabt 1917MaineSingleSonHighAccountantOwn OfficeSameHigh School, 1st year52
Rosie Lermanabt 1921MaineSingleDaughterHighOffice ClerkRetail Grocery StoreSameHigh School, 4th year10
Eli Lermanabt 1926MaineSingleSonHigh  SameHigh School, 2nd year0
Carl Lermanabt 1930MaineSingleSonHigh  SameElementary school, 6th grade 
Gimple Lermanabt 1876RussiaWidowedHeadSt Lawrence Street  SameElementary school, 8th grade0
Sam Lermanabt 1904MaineMarriedSonSt Lawrence StreetProprietorFurniture SameHigh School, 4th year52
Gertrude Lermanabt 1907RussiaMarriedDaughterSt Lawrence Street  SameHigh School, 4th year0
personid=582>Annie Zwonkin
abt 1912 Maine Single Daughter 111 Sheridan Street Cashier Furniture Same High School, 4th year 52 1040

Methodological note :

This data was culled from the original U.S. census manuscripts, as found on Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language. This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.

Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:

1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.

2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.

This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.

All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."

NB : In the census tables below ‘POB’ means ‘place of birth’ and ‘YOI’ means ‘year of immigration’.
There is a bit of historical difficulty with the answers to the questions about place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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Organizations: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;