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B'nai B'rith Aids Needy Hungarian Families

9/23/1947 - Bangor Public Library

Thank you to Bangor Daily News for the photo
People: Samuel (Mrs) Ross, 1; Sam (Mrs) Etscovitz, 2; I (Mrs) Vinegar, 3; Nathan (Mrs) Green, 4 (seated); Janet Green, 5 (seated); Ida Fish, 7; M (Mrs) Daniels, 6; A [first name not known] Danielson, 8; Jack (Mrs) Roth, 9;

Second row, left to right: J (Mrs) Moskowitz, 1; Jennie Tackeff, 2; Jean Goldsmith, 3; Stanley (Mrs) Shalek , 4; Anne Koven, 5; Susan Shalek , 6; H (Mrs) Lander, 7
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