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Ten Women and Seven Men Seated on a sofa at the Jewish Community Center

circa 1960 - Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

Thank you to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and for the photo

Many of these folks (Plavnick, Goodman, Borokoff, etc) spent their summers in the same little (300 x 120 yard) neighborhood in Old Orchard Beach: between Ladd and Saunders Avenues off of East Grand. Lenore is 90+ and was still on Durocher Street (and on the beach) with daughters & grandchildren last summer (2016) (note from Jim
People: all to be identified ; Winnie Plavnick, left; Lenore Burokoff, 2nd from left; Sam Burokoff, 3rd from left; Herb Schwartz , 4th from left; Murray Rosen, 3rd from right; Buddy Goodman, 2nd from right; David Millman , right; Barney Plavnick, 2nd from left; Shirley Rosen , 3rd from left; Edie Schwartz , 3rd from right; Reva Goodman, 2nd from right; Rhoda Nathanson, right;

Front: Ruth Modes , left

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

Organizations: Jewish Community Center


Joyce Finkelstein Pulaski on :
Farthest left: Winnie Plavnick
Susan Brenerman Korobkin on :
Ruth modes..front row left. Middle row 4th woman from right Shirley Rosen. Directly behind her is Murray Rosen
Larry Plavnick on :
Wow. I remember every face, but have forgotten a few of the names. Back row: My mom, Winnie; Loretta and Sam Burokoff; Herbie Schwartz; unkown; Buddy Goodman; unknow. Middle row: unknown; my dad, Barney Plavnick; unknown; Edie Schwartz; Reba Goodman; un
Larry Plavnick on :
Forgive me, Johnny and Sandy. That\''s Lenore Burokoff, not Loretta (a legitimate \"senior moment\")