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leftmost woman and man next to her are Helen and Sam Nyer. Rightmost man and woman next to him are Max and Minnie Kominsky.
Priscilla Williams
Priscilla Grossman Williams June 4, 2019
Israel bonds fund-raising dinner, Bangor - c. 1970

Bangor Public Library

If the external site does not appear, click here to open the page in a new tab Israel bonds fund-raising dinner, Bangor.

thanks to Bangor Public Library for the information

Links to People :

Front table/podium :   William Cohen   Third from left, speaking at microphone   To be identified   Leftmost woman ;   To be identified   2nd to leftmost man ;   To be identified   4th to leftmost man ;   To be identified   5th to leftmost man ;   To be identified   6th to leftmost woman ;   To be identified   Rightmost man ;

Audience :   To be identified   Balding man closest to camera ;   To be identified   Man sitting in front of balding man, closest to podium ;

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