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Alpha Rho Upsilon, Bowdoin College

1948 - Bowdoin College Library

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Two-page spread found in 1948 Bowdoin Bugle on ARU (for All Races United)
People: Melvin I. Heymann , Leftmost man; Martin Shulman, 2nd to leftmost man; Paul A. Hillson , 3rd to leftmost man; Maurice Glazier, 4th to leftmost man; Sherman D. Spector, 5th to leftmost man; Robert M. Winer, 6th to leftmost man; Jordan H. Wine, 7th to leftmost man; Irving E. Gordon, 8th to leftmost man; Gerald Ritter, 9th to leftmost man; Samuel Gross, 6th to rightmost man; Alfred J. Waxler, 5th to rightmost man; Marvin Tracey, 4th to rightmost man; Leonard M Ashe, 3rd to rightmost man; Leonard M. Hirsch, 2nd to rightmost man; Arthur Simensky , Rightmost man;

Second row: George G. Younger, Leftmost man; John G. Root, 2nd to leftmost man; Sherman E. Fein, 3rd to leftmost man; Erwin J. Wilinsky, 4th to leftmost man; Herbert H Bennett, 5th to leftmost man; Norman L. Rapkin, 6th to leftmost man; John M. Holmes, 7th to leftmost man; Arnold Y. Brynes, 8th to leftmost man; Paul R Aronson, 7th to rightmost man; Aron W Ascher, 6th to rightmost man; Bladen R. Smith, 5th to rightmost man; Manuel Levine, 4th to rightmost man; Gerald L. Cogan, 3rd to rightmost man; David N. Harris, 2nd to rightmost man; Waller P. Finnegan, Rightmost man;

Third row: Morris I. Toll, Leftmost man; Zeleke Bekele, 2nd to leftmost man; Mitchell Jacobson, 3rd to leftmost man; Irving A. Polakewich, 4th to leftmost man; William F. Martin , 5th to leftmost man; Bradlee M Backman, 6th to leftmost man; Richard C Barr, 7th to leftmost man; Carl J. Cooper, 8th to leftmost man; Robert Y. Lee, 7th to rightmost man; Umbert Cantalamessa , 6th to rightmost man; Joseph J. Schmuch, 5th to rightmost man; James S. Segal , 4th to rightmost man; Paul H. Rubin, 3rd to rightmost man; [FirstNameNotKnown] Goldberg , 2nd to rightmost man; Donald S or Hayden B Bloomberg, Rightmost man;

William S. Clenott, Mentioned in citation; Samuel E. Kinsley, Mentioned in citation; Robert S. Oransky, Mentioned in citation; Robert R. Rudy, Mentioned in citation; Robert Y. Lee , Mentioned in citation; Alan Slater, Mentioned in citation
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