Old Country Immigrants from Florida

        Joseph M Druker Glascow, Scotland 9 April 1884 - 14 July 1974
        Harry Hillel Plostchuk Potter Minsk Hillel ben Yechiel Michael HaCohen 8 Aug 1877 - 12 Nov 1947 Mt Sinai G G221-F8 headstone image one -- two -- three
        Charles Rubin Poland Tsodik 24 Mar 1896 - 3 Dec 1976 BethAbrahamCem-Auburn 4 3 headstone image one
        Samuel Serota Piataka, Russia 5 Aug 1909 - 18 Sept 1992
        Gerald A Slosberg Portland, Maine January 15, 1914 - 2/18/1998 BethElMemPark E070-1 headstone image one -- two
        Ann Winer Russia 1891 - 10/8/1969 BethIsraelCem : NewSection2 K K-16 headstone image one

NB : A listing under Russia does not mean that the immigrant lived in Russia proper, as this was outside the Pale of Settlement. It simply could mean that the immigrant was not specific with a census taker or that the census taker was not interested in knowing the exact region within the Pale.

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