Old Country Immigrants from Piscataquis County
        Philomena Bankcoesch Russia abt 1830 -
        Dora H / Dorothy C Cohen Broder Sangerville, ME Devorah bat Moshe Shimshon HaKohen 1903 - 1999 BethIsraelCem : Old Cemetery A A-4 headstone image one
        Fannie Cohen Russia abt 1870 -
        Max Cohen Russia abt 1868 -
        Nathan R Cohen Sangerville, ME Natan ben Moshe Shimshon HaKohen abt 1901 - BethIsraelCem : Old Cemetery F F-27
        Rosa Cohen Russia abt 1868 -
        Samuel H Alperowitz Cohen Dunilowicze, Belarus Simcha ben Yakov Hakohen 20 April 1875 - 4/9/1961 BethIsraelCem : Old Cemetery C C-8 headstone image one -- two
        Simon Cohen Russia abt 1870 -
        Elisa Danielson Russia abt 1861 -
        Emy Danielson Russia abt 1865 -
        Ada Cohen Gleszer Maine 1893 -

NB : A listing under Russia does not mean that the immigrant lived in Russia proper, as this was outside the Pale of Settlement. It simply could mean that the immigrant was not specific with a census taker or that the census taker was not interested in knowing the exact region within the Pale
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