Donor Honor Roll

Donors may choose have to their contributions honor their own Maine immigrant family or to be dedicated to the inspiration of a future generation of Maine Jews.

An asterisk following a name indicates a 2020 donor
Last updated: January 2021.

DMJ is under the financial supervision of Temple Beth El, 400 Deering Ave, Portland, Maine 04103. Donations are welcome by sending a gift (marked DMJ) to Temple Beth El or using the PayPal Tzedakah box below.

Maine Minyan $ 10,000 or more
  Reviewing, coding, and proofing large unique collections of data on Maine Jewry (e.g. the 120,000 immigrant landing records in the Portland Harbor, the 5,000 naturalization papers in the US Federal Court, or the 1910 Federal Census of Maine)
   Jewish Community Alliance / Jewish Federation *
   Jewish Community Endowment
   Law Offices of Joe Bornstein
   Sam L. Cohen Foundation
   Tree of Life Foundation in support of exhibitions at the Maine Jewish Museum
   Wein Hirshon Charitable Foundation * in support of the traveling history exhibition
Maine Macher $ 5,000 - $10,000
  Collecting, scanning, uploading, and indexing five years of a old community newsletters or developing and reproducing a curriculum for B'nai Mitzvah on local Maine Jewish history
   David Krut Galleries (New York and Johannesburg)
   Steve & Harriet Passerman
   The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropy Foundation
Maine Mishpohot $ 2,500 - $5,000
  Recording, coding, and proofing information from aJewish cemetery or transferring the Facebook picture naming system to work on old Jewish community photograph
   Anne and Howard Schneider
   David & Meryl Givner
   Dr Nathan Cogan (Oregon Jewish Community Foundation) and Cogan Family Foundation
   Karen Kornetsky Levine & Howard Levine (The Boston Foundation) *
   Susan Adelman Rudolph
   Toby Adelman
   Warren and Evelyn Silver in memory of Alex and Edith Silver
Maine Mitzvot $ 1,800 - $2,500
  Establishing a software linkage routine to exchange data with the JewishGen and other major on-line genealogical websites or to incorporate data from the Jewish Advocate and other Boston-based sources into the DOMJ database
   Albert & Miriam Graddis including a Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift
   Andrew & Linda Brenner
   Beth Israel Synagogue and Cemetery *
   Chevra Kadisha (Portland)
   Jonathan Webber on behalf of The Webber Family
   King Weinstein
   Margaret "Peg" Emple
   Oregon Jewish Community Foundation in memory of Ida Levin
Maine Magillah $ 1,000 - $1,800
  Purchase of two traveling scanners to upload old private papers to the website or to fund two undergraduate research projects on smaller Maine Jewish communities or institutions
   Barbara and John Stern
   David Agger
   Gary Venner z"l
   Harold Harrisburg
   Jordan Alpert
   Laurence and Wendy Kane
   Leonard, Richard, Robert, and Jonathan Slosberg ; Sarah Erlick, and Michael Rubinoff in memory of Fannie and Percy Albling
   Linda E Abromson z"l
   Maine Humanities Council
   Neil Rolde z"l
   Paula Adelman in honor of Susan Rudolph's birthday and in memory of Ethel Koocher
   Robert Willis and Nancy Winslow (MPX Business Solutions)
   Ruthanne & George Singal
   Stephen & Ethlynne Brickman
   The George Stern and Sara Stern Foundation
   Whitfield & Ellen (Segal) Russell, Caroline Rae Smith, and Andrew Dennis Russell In honor of the 100th birthday of Lillian (Segal) Cutler
Maine Mensch $ 500 - $1,000
  Designing logo to be used by Jewish community newspapers in order to inform their readers about the resources available from the Maine Jewis history project
   Barry and Marjorie Afergan *
   Barry Goldman *
   Batyah (Bonnie) Ben-david and Kerry Ben-david z"l in memory of Norman and Ethel Goldberg
   Beth Hillson and Joel Reich
   Charles & Sylvia B Day Charitable Trust in honor of the Day family from Auburn and the Benson family from Lewiston
   Chester and Barbara Komarin
   David and Janis Cohen
   David G Kanter *
   Elaine Crasnick Kahaner and Harvey Kahaner in honor of Harris Gleckman * in honor of Anne Schneider for her good work for children and adults with disabilities and in honor of our twin grandsons, born June 16, Marcus Hunter Levin and Skylar Thomas Levin
   Harold Osher & Peggy Osher z"l
   Jim and Marilyn Gould *
   Leonard and Nancy Nemon
   Lorraine & Forrest Minor
   Mark & Carol Willis
   Marshall & Amy Tinkle
   Mount Sinai Cemetary Assoc.
   Mr and Mrs Eric Sacknoff
   Phyllis Schultz and Matthew Gromet *
   Richard and Treasure Cohen *
   Robert & Jacqueline Laskoff *
   Robert and Marcia Hicks *
   Sherry (Berson) Holstein
   Stan and Elaine Rosenfield in honor of Bruce Ruben
   Stephen and Elaine Smith *
   Steven Brinn and Judy Satalof *
   Stuart and Sharon Ruben in memory of Max and Gladys Ruben
   Sumner S Fanger
   Wilma & Stephen Rose
Maine Maven $ 250 - $500
  Recording, coding, and profing an additional synagogue memorial board or hosting a local community meeting on the resources available on and other Jewish websites
   Abe and Jean Peck
   Amy Waterman
   Bernard and Gloria Miller
   Carole Hyman
   Cindy Potter Taylor
   Cindy Potter Taylor in memory of Kurt Messerschmidt
   Cindy Taylor in memory of Linda Abromson
   Dale and Samatha Atkinson
   Darrell Cooper
   David & Barbara Turitz
   David & Joyce Merson
   DMJ - South Florida Gathering (2013)
   Don and Ellen Ward
   Dorothy Dubin z"l
   Dr Robert and Mrs Jean Aranson *
   Edward and Harriet Schultz
   Faye Gmeiner *
   Fred Simonds
   Gary Altman and Judith Farber
   Glenys Davis in memory of Louis and Freda Blumenthal
   Harry Friedman *
   Helen Isenman and Susan Isenman
   Irene Shiro z"l
   Janet and Barry Zimmerman
   Jeff & Betsy Hoos in memory of Esther & Harold Hoos
   John and Consuelo Isaacson
   Judith (Judy) Rubinoff Corlin
   Kenny and Mary Nelson
   Lawrence & Barbara Cahn
   Marilyn Segal
   Martin Feeney Jr in memory of Ellie Huston Strandburg * in memory of Elinor Pachowski and Huston Strandburg
   Marvin and Lesley Karp
   Melvyn Mazer
   Michael and Louise Rolnick
   Murray & Gloria Berman Weinstock
   Murray Mack
   Myron & Elaine Slotsky
   Norman and Judy Wilson
   Paul Rudman
   Richard and Nancy Shaw
   Robert & Annette Elowitch *
   Sandra Shiro Lipman
   Sara Arnon
   Sherman Shapiro
   Stanley and Eleanor Israel *
   Stuart and Carol Gilbert *
   Sumner Lipman *
   Sylvia and Steven Greene
   Terri Berenson
Maine Mazel $ 180 - $250
  Providing research support to four Maine Jewish families learning about their own family history
   Alan and Jane Nathan
   Benjamin Galen
   Burton and Rozanne Neiterman
   C. Josephine Kilbourn *
   Cynthia Rudek Pedlikin and Howard Pedlikin *
   Daniel Silverman and Naomi Dalfen-Silverman
   David Kornetsky and Beth Siegal
   Debbie Bogg Kanter
   Dr Alan and Linda Kaufman
   Dr Michael Grodin & Nancy Nozick-Grodin *
   Edward & Helen Wasserman
   Elaine Burg * in honor of the Samuel Blumenthal and Golda Blumenthal families
   Frank & Barbara Fleischer
   Howard Zack
   Joel Saldinger
   Joseph Paley
   Joyce & Jacob Shragowitz
   Lee Miller
   Lisa & Leon Gorman
   Mr and Mrs Alan Levenson
   Nina Vinick
   Paul Gass
   Phillip Saperia
   Priscilla Williams
   Rachel & Milton Popkin
   Rhoda Rudman Cohen
   Richard and Roberta Cowen
   Robert H & Ruth L Lander
   Roger and Roberta Katz
   Stephen Novick
   Steven Kornetsky
   Walter and Marcia Goldfarb
Maine Archivist $ 100 - $180
  Supporting the indexing of thirty photographs or ten documents
   Amy Elfman *    Batya Hyman    Brenda B and Javier Bray Shapiro    Brenda Tubby in honor of Harris Gleckman's 70th birthday    Bryna Webber    Candance Hugo Alper *    Carol and Eldon Clingan *    Carole & Stuart Potter    Craig Schiro    Dale Atkinson and Samantha Lapin    Daniel & Avra Novarr    Daniel Singer    David and Carol Boxstein *    David and Elenor Zolov    David Sadker and Karen Zittleman    Diana Lurie Berg    Dr David S Lubell    Elaine and Mark Lasky    Ellen Winner Lewis & David Lewis    Emily Goldberg-Kraft    Eric Bloom *

   Eric Kaplan    Frank Heymann    Harold Hugo    Holocaust & Human Rights Center *    In honor of birth of Edison Alden Galen *    James and Kristen Isaacson    Janet & Vernon Henry    Janet Joyce in memory of Steve Hirsthon    Jill & Michael Thaler    Jocelyn Pollard    Joel C Solomon    John & Barbara Chase    Jonathan Sarna and Ruth Langer    Judith Gerber Goldsmith *    Judy and Daniel Gatchell    Ken and Chris Astor z"l    Lewis & Margaret Krainin *    Marian Rothstein    Marilyn Koshland    Mark Troen

   Mark Willis    Merton Robinson    Michael P Striar    Minna Noone    Mitchell & Molly Bornstein    Morton and Penny Sclair *    Myra Salley    Nancy Greenblatt    Norman Fineberg    Paula Noe    Peggy Greenhut    Peter and Joan Beckerman    Phillip & Kathryn Katsenes Weiner    Phyllis Garber Jensen    Phyllis Gerber Jensen    Renee Brandt    Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association    Richard Aronson *    Richard Chase z"l & Janette Chase z"l    Richard Fisher

   Robert Rosenberg    Robert Sax    Samuel Shapiro *    Samuel Shapiro    Sheila Berman & Robert Minton    Sid and Liz Geller in honor of Barbara Stern's 70th birthday    Stanley and Hilda Miller    Stephen and Emily Branz *    Steve and Judy Halpert in memory of Steve Hirshon in memory of Steve Hirshon    Susan Epstein    Tom Berman *    Walter Harris
Maine DMJ Donor $18 - $100
  Providing general support to the Documenting Maine Jewry project
   Allan and Paula Freedman    Alvin and Judith Borne in memory of Mr & Mrs Ellis Etsovitz    Amy Rolnick and John Williamson    Ann Orkin    Arnold and Caren Thorner    Art Shiro    Ava Derman    Barry & Maria Krane    Ben & Rosalie Shapero    Beryl J Steinbach    Beth Berman    Beth M Epstein    Bonnie Remar    Bruce and Naleen Mayberry    C Abbott    Carlton Brooks    Cindy Taylor in memory of Ethel Koocher    David and Diane Cutler    David and Hilary Silver    David and Marcia Lewis    David and Marcia Lieberman

   David and Susan Lubner    David Blumenthal    David Cherson    David Jacobson and Rochelle Greene    Deborah Cohen    Deborah Glazier    Diana & Thomas Allen    Diane Lapon    DMJ - Connecticut Gathering (2013)    Douglas Kazdoy    Eleanor & Harvey Morgenlender    Elliot and Ellen Lerman    Emil and Hester Friedman    Faith Canner in memory of her loving husband, Arnold    Fay S & Louis J Brown    Faye Manaster    Gail Ginsberg    Gail Weiss    Gary Altman and Judith Ferber    Gary Jacobson

   Grethen Shapiro Halpert    Harriet A Lerman    Henry & Donna Isaacs *    I. Victor and Elinore Pinansky    in honor of Russel J. Mack & Reva J. Mack    Ira and Ann Seskin    Irene Shapiro    James Friedlander    Jay Smith    Jeffrey and Kathleen Rosen    Jerome & Susan Goldberg    Jerrold and Jennifer Cohen    Joanne Turnbull    Joel and Barbara Fishman    Joel Davidson    Joseph and Barbara Miller    Joseph Leader Soley    Judith G. Cohen    Judith Rissman    Judith Weisman

   Julius and Charlotte Goos    Keevin Geller *    Laurence and Bonnie Faiman    Lenny and Cathie Shedletsky in memory of Steve Hirston    Leonard and Lillian Slosberg    Leonard and Valerie Sklut    Leslie Gatcombe-Hynes in memory of Stephen Hirston    Lester and Devra Breslow    Lewis and Helene Perry    Linwood and Florence Fleischer    Lisa Shapiro    Lois-Anne Holmes    Louis and Patricia Kornreich    Marilyn Gorodetzer    Marilyn Segal    Marjorie Rosenfield    Martha Greenwood    Marvin and Elinor Turkanis    Maxine G Isaacs *    Michael & Andrea Posner

   Michael Bloom    Michael Messerschmidt and Doreen Athans    Milton Deletetsky    Miriam Sheftel    Miriam Sheftel    Mr and Mrs Robert Louden    Nancy & Mark Kiefner Bogg *    Niki Baker Plante    Norman Rapoport    Patricia Rohner    Peggy Shapiro    Philip and Pearl Lourie    Rabbi Bill and Kathryn Leffler    Rabbi David Freidenreich and Sara Kahn-Troster    Rabbi Hillel Katzir    Rae Gross    Rita Schwey Weisberg    Robert & Linda Brooks    Robert and Deborah Feinson    Robert Greenblatt

   Robert Stern    Ronna G Segal    Rosalyn Secor    Russ Byer    Ruth Glazerman    Ruth Levy    Ruth Shurman    Ruth-Ellen Flanagan    Sam and Betty Novick    Saul Marcus    Sharon Brown *    Sheri and the late Mayer Fistal    Sherry Dickstein    Stephanie Sher    Steve Brinn and Judy Sataloff    Steven Schwartz    Stuart & Stephanie Stern    Stuart Jablon    Susan Kline    Susan Martin Lovell

   Susan Samberg    Susan Tananbaum    Vanessa Viner    Wendy Meyer Sims and Mitchell Sims    Zenia Miller    Zeta Levine

Gifts to the Documenting Maine Jewry will enable us to continue
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Financial contributions to DMJ can supplements our largely volunteer efforts.

DMJ is under the financial supervision of Temple Beth El, 400 Deering Ave, Portland, Maine 04103. Donations are welcome by sending a gift (marked DMJ) to Temple Beth El or using the paypal Tzedakah box below.