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List of Lewiston-Auburn Donors to Israel Charities in Yiddish and Rabbi Yossi Sohn explantory letter in English

1900s - Maine Jewish Museum

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Thank you to Nancy Davidson for the article
Note: note all donations in are cents
from the cover letter "The collection was picked up a couple of times annually with the fundraisers who travelled from village to village on behalf of their brethren in Jerusalem, and the Community Leader / Rabbi would give the money accompanied with a letter detailing the names of each donor and their donation, whereafter the fundraiser would send the entire amount with the accompanying letter to Jerusalem. The office in Jerusalem would then write up a receipt for each donation separately, and these would serve as proof of their safe delivery, without which the fundraiser would not be able to return in the future. Many community heads utilised this as an opportunity to correspond with the Rabbinical head of Jerusalem Community, Rav Shmuel Salant, and request on behalf of their community etc.

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