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Airgramme I to Harry Sclar from Rabbi Morek M Dominitz, Jerusalem - letter

1973 - private collection

Thank you to Levine family and Shayna Rochel Bialestock for the photo
Note: Written on Lag Baomer [a Jewish holiday] 1973

To my dear friend Mr. Sklar?

For a long time you have not heard. I only want you and your family to be in best heath. We are too far apart. Nevertheless I just want to hear good news from a good friend.

How are you doing? How is your dear brother?

I hope I hear great things from you!

I wrote to you a year ago that I had to come to America for a short time, and I thought I would be able to daven (pray) the high holidays there, but it was written to me already that u had found a “clapper?” to daven (pray). So it kept me from traveling. But in any case I am not willing to forgo my trip to America. And if its not forbidden to have more Baal tefilos (a person who prays) then I would like to come to you as a guest and I will not forget my trip on Rosh Chodesh Elul (jewish month) and then to Portland I will come. I will wait for an answer. A heartfelt thank you in advance.

I love u and ur family. Heartfelt wishes to Mr Delzhin abrahams and the Congregation of Etz Chaim

Good wishes from your friend

Mordechai Dominitz
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