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Arlene Eisen Oral History
Feb 21, 2011

I am writing this in regards to the Portland’s Jewish history (which is a wonderful idea). My name is Arlene Goffin Eisen, born to Herman O. and Dorothy Goffin on August 25, 1928. I was the fourth of five children; Hoover born 1917, Faith born 1920 and died in 1929, Adrienne born 1924, myself, Arlene born 1928 and Shirley born 1930. We all grew up on Munjoy Hill. We moved from Becket Street to 65 Vesper Street when I was little and stayed there until my parents moved out in the late 1950’s. Herman was born on India Street either in 1888 or 1893, the son of Bennett and Annie Goffin. There were 10 children in that family. Dorothy was born in Waterville. Herman and Dorothy met when Herman went to Colby College. Unfortunately we grew up poor but in a good family. Today the “kids” are still very much in touch and have many happy memories of growing up in Portland. We all went to the schools on Munjoy Hill and then graduated from Portland High. Hoover went on to Colby then served in World War II. Hoover married Ida Lenox of Lenox Bakery in Portland and settled in Long Island, NY. Adrienne went to Brooklyn Jewish Hospital Nursing School then married Ben Apkin and settled in North Adams, Mass. Arlene worked for Yudy’s Tire as did Shirley after graduating high school. Arlene went to Brooklyn, NY in late 1947 and there married Hillard Eisen and settled in Pittsfield, Mass, and later St. Louis, MO. Shirley also moved to Brooklyn, NY and later ended up marrying Seymour Ladd, a guy that she had met in Old Orchard Beach years before and settled in Cranston, RI. Our mother, Dorothy died in 1962 and our father, Herman died in 1980. Both are buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery. Herman was not rich but was involved in Jewish organizations, Republican politics and always had a car, which he used to help many people. Our mom was very Kosher and also involved in Jewish organizations, PTA, etc. Hoover belonged to Mu Sigma Fraternity while the girls of our family were involved in Iota Phi Sorority. Arlene was president in 1945-46 and Shirley was president in 1947-48. Our family attended Etz Chaim Synagogue and belonged to the JCCA, youth group, etc. We all enjoyed the ice cold water of the ocean and sledding and ice skating on the Promenade. We have many memories of growing up in the Jewish community of Portland, Maine. The Goffin children produced a total of 13 children and 33 grandchildren. Hoover and Ida Goffin have 3 sons, Peter, Wendy and Bruce Goffin and 3 grandchildren. Adrienne Goffin and Ben Apkin have 4 daughters, Debbie (Apkin) Weinberg, Phyllis (Apkin) Nichols, Joan Apkin, Roz (Apkin) Sourkes and 13 grandchildren. Arlene Goffin and Hillard Eisen had 3 sons, Michael, Richard and Jack Eisen and 8 grandchildren. Shirley Goffin and Seymour Ladd have 3 children, Steven Ladd, Robert Ladd and Wendy Ladd Waxler and 9 grandchildren. Submitted to DMJ by Arlene Eisen 2/21/11

Last Updated : Feb 25,2011

Thank you to Ann Mayer Eisen, Arlene's daughter-in-law for the information
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