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Center Day Camp staff photo
date not known
Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine

thanks to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine for the photo
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back :   Nancy Sutin   left   Larry Brown   4th from left with bentley shirt ;   Marc Lerman   5th from left with striped shirt ;   Andy Sheriff   6th from left with mustache   David Goodman   3rd from right ;   Janice [to be identified]   2nd from left ;   Jay Baker ;   4th from left with hat   David Epstein   5th from left ;   Dan Kane ;   behind Debbie Blume   Amy Ostrovitz   next to Dan Kane ;   Peter Litman   2nd from right ;   David Sheriff ;   right

front :   Phyllis [to be identified]   left ;'   Eric Goldman   2nd from left ;   Scott Millman   3rd from left ;   David Perry?   track shirt ;   Linda Simensky   next to Patty Sullivan ;   Patty Sullivan   dark tshirt and white pants ;   Jessica Pollard Lantos   with camera around neck ;   Debbie Blume   5th from right ;   Debbie Flaherty   4th from right ;   Mindy Goldman   3rd from right with jacket in hands ;   Madeline Goodman   right ;

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