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Young Dance Group in Costumes

1952 - Maine's Jewish Heritage , Arcadia Publishing, 2007

Thank you to Deborah Loeb Fogelson for the photo
People: Barry Potter, left; Harvey Elowitch, far left; Stuart Potter, 3rd from left; Teddy Cutler, 4th from left; Robert Elowitch; Linwood Fleisher (sp) ; Stanley Elowitch, right;

Middle: Maxine Nathanson, 1st on left; Baile Issokson , 2nd on left; Eleanor Finn, left; To be identified , far right;

Front: To be identified , 1st on left;

Front: Debbie Loeb Fogelson , left; Fran Schatz, 2nd on left; Fraya Fineberg, 3rd from left; Lorna Modes , 4th from left

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

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ed schultz on :
Second row: left end, Eleanor Finn (?)

Back row: left end, Barry Potter. Third from left, Stuart Potter. Next to him, Teddy Cutler (?) Right end, Stanley Elowitch
Deborah Loeb Fogelson on June 2, 2018:
Seated front row far left is Debbie Loeb
Deborah Loeb Fogelson on November 2, 2018:
Girl front first on left is:
Debbie Loeb
Deborah Loeb Fogelson on January 2, 2019:
My maiden name was Loeb, Please correct name under picture to reflect that name NOT Fogelson. Thank you