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Youth Party

circa 1957 -

People: Bonnie Godfrey, 2nd from left; Bruce Schatz, 3rd from left; Donnie Hoffman, 4th from left; Norm Bress, 5th from left; Alan Lamport , 6th from left; Steve Joachim , 6th from right; Ted Cutler, 4th from right; Alan Merdek, 3rd from right; Barry Schlosberg, 2nd from right; Ken Davidson, right;

Middle: Julie Krems, left; Joan Taylor, 2nd from left; Lois Finberg, 3rd from left; Norma Gottschalk, 4th from left; Marsh Tellan, 5th from left; Harriet Lerman , 5th from right; Joyce Finkelstein , 4th from right; Marlene Baker Cohen , 3rd from right; Rebecca Brooks, 2nd from right; Barbara Mersky, right;

Front: Miriam Reef, left; Carole Weisberg, 2nd from left; Elaine Crasnick Kahaner, 3rd from left; Ann Passman, 3rd from right; Judy Berlowitz, 2nd from right; Stuart Potter, right

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

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